scanner twar legal title as specified on the Software. If you analyze, decompile, or disassemble a source code or seek to obtain a source code in any other manner in violation of the provisions of this Agreescannerment, Reservation of rights. All rights to the Software, Several language versions, versions for more operating systems.<BR>several copies. If the Software supports several platforms or languages or if you have obtained more copies of the Software, you may not install versions andcopies of the Software on more computer systems than specified by you in an order and for which you have paid the relevant License Fee under Article 17 hereof. You may not sell, lease, hire, Commencement and term of the Agreement. This Agreement is valid ascannernd effective from the first day on which you have installed the Software. You may terminate this Agreement by permanently deleting, if any.<BR>and all related materials that you have obtained from the Provider or from its business partners. Your rights as the End User shall automatically and immediately extinguish without any notice from the Provider if you failscanner to comply with any provision of this Agreement. In such a case you must promptly delete, destroy or return at your own costs the Software, if any, This Agreement is executed for an initial period of one or two years, provided that you pay the License Fee for extension of the License underscanner Article 17 hereof. Without regard to the manner of termination of this Agreement, 13 and 20 shall remain valid without the limitation of time. END USER REPRESENTATIONS.<BR>AS THE END USER YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED IN “AS IS CONDITION”, NEITHER THE PROVIDER, IN PARTICULAR NO SALES GUARANTEES OR SUITABILITY FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE OR GUARANTEES THAT THE SOFTWARE DOES NOT BREACH ANY PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, NO GUARANTEE FROM THE PROVIDER OR ANY OTHER PARTY EXISTS THAT THE FUNCTIONS CONTAINED IN THE SOFscannerTWARE WILL COMPLY WITH YOUR REQUIREMENTS OR THAT SOFTWARE OPERATION WILL BE SMOOTH AND FREE OF ERRORS. YOU ASSUME FULL LIABILITY AND RISK FOR SELECTION OF THE SOFTWARE TO ACHIEVE RESULTS INTENDED BY YOU AND FOR THE INSTALLATION, USE AND RESULTS THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE WITH THE SOFTWARE. scanner LIMITATION OF GUARANTEE. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAWS, IN NO EVENT SHALL THE PROVIDER.<BR>ITS EMPLOYEES OR LICENSE PROVIDERS BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY LOST PROFIT, REVENUE, OR SALES, OR FOR ANY LOSS OF DATA, OR FOR COSTS EXPENDED TO PROCURE SPARE GOODS OR SERVICES, FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL DAMAGE, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, scanner LOSS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION OR FOR ANY SPECIAL, DIRECT.<BR>INDIRECT, ACCIDENTAL, ECONOMIC, SPECIAL OR SUBSEQUENT DAMAGE, CAUSED IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER, WHETHER ARISING FROM A CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER FACT ESTABLISHING THE OCCURRENCE OF LIABILITY, INCURRED DUE TO THE USE OF OR IMPOSSIBILITY scannerTO USE THE SOFTWARE, EVEN IN THE EVENT THAT THE PROVIDER OR ITS LICENSE PROVIDERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED OF THE POSSIscannerBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. BECAUSE CERTAIN COUNTRIES AND CERTAIN LAWS DO NOT PERMIT THE EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY BUT MAY ALLOscannerWued by the governments competent for the issuance thereof under applicable law. You agree to strictly comply with all applicable import and export regulations and acknowledge that you shall be held liable for the obtaining of licenses for export, re-export, transfer or import of the Software.<BR>Notices. All notices, the returned Software, spol. o. Aupark Tower 16th floor Einsteinova 24 851 01 Bratislava Slovascannerk Republic22 Governing Law This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Slovak law The End User and the Provider agree that conflict provisions of the governing law and United Nations Convention on Contracts for thescanner International Sale of Goods shall not apply You expressly agree that exclusive jurisdiction for any claim or dispute with the Provider or relating in any way to Your use of the Software resides in District Court Bratislava I, in connection with any such dispute or claim. General Provisions. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, Those shall remain