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If you see your future, chinese writing class working in these countries it would be a valuable asset to learn how to speak the language. The obvious question before taking your next step would be which language should I learn first, Chinese or Japanese? I would say learn them both. Obviously, your first choice is going to based on what country you intend to work in. Learning to write in Japanese is going to be easier than with Chinese. chinese writing classJapanese words are a mixture of complex characters called kanji and simple characters called kana. Knowing a few of the most used kanji and a good understanding of kana will certainly enable you to speak to Japanese people and be understood in the way broken English sounds to English speaking people. The Japanese language,chinese writing class like all languages is about listening and repeating words and creating sentences. Also like many other languages, to learn Japanese correctly you must learn the grammar and with Japanese learning about the culture and Japanese writing is essential.With the growth of the Chinese and Japanese economies expanding wildly compared to the west. The opportunity for business and employment in these countries should not be underestimated.Chinese is definitely going to be a more challenging language to learn. As well as learning thousand of characters known as Hanzi you also have to learn to speak with different sounding tones and know what those specific tones mean and how to mix different tones together when speaking.Another thing to consider before you choose which of these two languages to learn is that in China, English is the second language and is taught in schools and Chinese people like to speak English to foreigners.So if you want a challenge then Chinese is the way to go. If you want to work in Japan then I would strongly recommend learning to speak the Japanese language. You can work in China with rudimentary knowledge of the Chinese language but if you want to know what the Chinese are saying about you, then learn the language.chinese writing classTo learn more about speaking a foreign language visit our website Foreign Language Courses. You can also try a Free Six Part Chinese Course and Japanese Course to get you started.By using English phonics, you can eliminate many of the complications of learning to speak Mandarin. Native English speakers no longer need to trudge through the old fashioned and ineffective Wade-Giles method, or struggle with the current, chinese writing classbut just as difficult Pinyin Chinese to speak Mandarin. There’s an easier way! Words and phrases can be sounded out exactly the same way we learned to read and speak English in grade school.Prior to the use of Pinyin, westerners depended upon the Wade-Giles Romanization system that was initially invented to simplify Chinese characters into their English counterparts. British scholar Sir Thomas Francis Wade created the method, and it was later modified by Herbert Allen Giles in 1912, and it became the preferred transliteration method among scholars. But what it truly gave the western world was a systematic and consistent method of butchering the Chinese language through mispronunciations for more than a half century. chinese writing classWhy did it fail so miserably? Learners of Mandarin relied upon the pronunciation guide, but were seldom educated properly on how the system worked. Inevitably, most words were grossly mispronounced.Unfortunately, native English speakers who study Mandarin quickly discover that many of the vowels and consonants used in Pinyin are pronounced differently than their English counterparts. This means that English speakers, who have been trained since primary school to sound out words phonetically, first need to learn Pinyin in order to speak correctly and clearly in Chinese.You have just pronounced the word correctly! So as you can see, if you are searching for a simple way to speak Chinese effectively, the English phonetic system makes the learning process an easily attainable goal.