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With the USB port, you can attach USB disk storage and run the AiDisk quick installation guide to configure the disk as the storage FTP server and is accessible for users everywhere. 4g LTE router Or you can attach a multifunction USB printer to the router to allow users on the network scan and print. 4g LTE router ASUS RT-N13U Wireless Access Point Router is a single device that can be configured as the wireless router, wireless access point, or as the wireless repeater. 4g LTE router The unthinkable happened recently: I bought a new house, and Time Warner Cable wasn t available as an internet selection. 4g LTE router This left me with only one option: AT& T. I had previous DSL service back in the early days with a little company called Embarq , and couldn t wait to leave them. 4g LTE router At that time, there was a contract, and I was bound to it for 2 years. I promised myself that I would avoid internet access provided by phone companies from then on. 4g LTE router This is where the first problem began. AT& T was supposed to leave all my line information posted on the front door, along with the passwords. No dice. Here is where the real fun begins. The disc required Windows to run, or the latest and greatest version of OS X for the Mac. Now, I don t have either. I one of the exponentially growing minority of people that runs linux. I figured I could get around this pretty easily. Then, it said I needed Internet Explorer. Again, not a problem. I could run IE under emulation. Hey, I can understand them not supporting Linux. It s frustrating, but it s also something you learn to live with. The next portion of my story is inexcusable. I called my brother up, as he has a Vista laptop. I d just run through the activation and registration through his computer. I m sure you can sense what is about to happen. Finally, I gave up. I called AT& T, and told them up front that I wanted to activate service online. This meant I had to go through a preemptive strike and tell them all the processes I waded through to let them know I wasn t stupid or technically inept in any sort of way. Now, this entire process was a real pain for me, as I am an above average user. As a former Time Warner customer, this really irked me. You see, with them, all I had to do was connect the modem, give them a call, and read the hardware(or MAC ) address to them. That was it. No passwords, nosy questions, or anything of the sort. One call, a 15 minute wait, and there s your internet. Plus, they had much higher speeds available. So what s the point… Well, AT& T (and phone companies in general) are not friendly to the vast majority of their users. It s one thing if someone with a bit of tech knowledge is setting things up. It s another thing entirely when your mom, dad or grandma is left to their own devices to set something like this up. People should be trying to simplify the process, rather than overly complicating things with intricate registration processes. Kurt Hartman is Head of Employee training for Mobile Fleet Service, Inc. He also set up their network, wired the office, and a few other things very geeky and technical in nature. At any rate, should you want to read any more of his writings, head over to . Now that we have Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), we can now establish telephone service in our offices and homes without the need for relying on landlines to conduct our business. VoIP service has already helped millions of people established communications for their businesses, replacing their phone service with the more secured and economical VoIP phone service. Especially with the arrival of the broadband internet service, many people are now turning to VoIP because the savings with calls on VoIP is much cheaper and the calls are more protected.