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We see that in VLAN 1 and VLAN 160 that fa0/1 is the root port on SW-C. As previously discussed we know that root ports point to the root bridge and assuming equal cost from switch to root and the fact that no other port is root for either VLAN that SW-A is the Root Bridge and we can gleen the information for the exhibit which list the Bridge’s VLAN. 4g LTE router The Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol EIGRP Stub Routing feature improves network stability, reduces resource utilization, and simplifies stub router configuration.Stub routing is commonly used in a hub and spoke network topology. 4g LTE router In a hub and spoke network, one or more end stub networks are connected to a remote router the spoke that is connected to one or more distribution routers the hub. The remote router is adjacent only to one or more distribution routers. The only route for IP traffic to follow into the remote router is through a distribution router. A router that is configured as a stub will send a special peer information packet to all neighboring routers to report its status as a stub This feature should only be used on stub routers. 4g LTE router A stub router is defined as a router connected to the network core or distribution layer through which core transit traffic should not flow. 4g LTE router A stub router should not have any EIGRP neighbors other than distribution routers. Ignoring this restriction will cause undesirable behavior. The Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set is a module that can be added to the existing IOS to provide firewall functionality without the need for hardware upgrades. 4g LTE router There are two components to the Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set in Intrusion Detection which is an optional bolt-on and Context-Based Access Control CBAC. Although basic this is a very effective mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to the internal network from external sources such as the internet. Cisco have also built in some additional functionality into CBAC in terms of application-specific inspection that enables the router to recognize and identify application specific data flows such as HTTP, SMTP, TFTP, and FTP. Understanding these applications and their data flows empowers the router to identify malformed packets or suspect application data flows and permit or deny accordingly. CBAC also provides the flexibility of downloading Java code from trusted sites, but it denying untrusted sites. 4g LTE router There are five steps to configuring CBAC on a Cisco router in order for it to function correctly. Nicholas Evra is a Senior IT Consultant for a Professional Services IT Organisation based in London, UK. As well as designing and developing network and security solutions for clients, she also regularly contributes technical tips and articles on Networkblue.net. It is a resource for all providing free articles and tips on numerous cisco topics such as Cisco’s CBAC and other network security topics. If you’re looking for Cisco Training in a certain area, then a CCNA is probably what you are looking for. The Cisco training is designed for people who wish to understand and work with routers. Routers are what connect networks of computers to other networks of computers over dedicated lines or the internet. In order to complete a course of this nature it’s important to have some level of understanding of how networks actually work. The reality is – when working in this role you’ll need to know if it’s the router or the network that’s causing the problem.If you’re just entering the world of routers, then qualifying up to the CCNA level is sufficient – don’t be pushed into attempting your CCNP. With a few years experience behind you, you’ll know if it’s relevant for you to have this next level up. If it is, you’ll be much more capable to succeed at that stage – as it’s certainly not a walk in the park! You will also need a 24/7 support package – if you need help, it’s on tap. If necessary you can discuss your problem with a tutor in the middle of the night and they’ll solve your challenge there and then.