Becoming a virtual assistant is exciting, openvms but remember, it is a business like any other. Keep in mind that planning, marketing, and assessing where you stand in terms of the marketplace and the competition are all parts of preserving and increasing your income as a virtual assistant. openvms Although you do have competition, remember that there are many friendly virtual assistant forums on the internet to help you along the way, and these are the places you ll want to go to trade tips and share marketing strategies without competition or hostility. The full form of VPS is virtual private server. openvms A VPS is a single physical server that is divided into a few “virtual machines” with the help of the required software on the server. In a VPS hosting service, the server’s resources like RAM, openvms disk space, etc are shared but at the same time each VPS gets its own allotment and operates completely independently from the others. openvms Through this virtual Private Server technology, the hosting service provider can partition and create multiple virtual servers from one physical server. openvms They can use their private operating system and file system too. This brings freedom of accessibility and security. You can consider VPS hosting to be like between a share and a dedicated hosting. In VPS hosting, the customer is able to access administrative task such as changing server configurations, installing software, hosting multiple sites and rebooting the server. VPS hosting is suitable for web developers who are planning to set up a social networking website or function-rich blogs. It is also meant for those web masters who are well versed with a shared hosting and now want to upgrade their skills on server management without wanting to take the risk of being exposed towards a fully dedicated server. One should be aware that an excellent virtual private server hosting account is considered to be rich in RAM. You can select the type of control panel based on your style of working. Through VPS hosting account, you can expect easy set up, instant activation and good customer support. You can have interactive tutorials and 24*7 online support. Also, most of the VPS servers are likely to offer you full privacy and security. Memory and hard drive upgrades are fairly straightforward changes that you or your IT department can make to keep your desktop computer longer. And if you think your desktop is too old to find parts for, think again. There are many vendors of discontinued computer parts who can help you. Memory upgrades are easy and cheap. All you need to do is determine the amount and type of memory you need. To determine how much memory you need, you can refer to the operating system again. Usually there is minimum amount and a “recommended” amount. You should aim for at least the recommended amount. You will also need to consult your computer’s documentation or visit the manufacturer’s Website for the specs on your machine to determine the type, size and number of memory modules supported. Kyrnin calls the hard drive the next easiest upgrade, after memory. Of course, he is talking about desktop computers here. Upgrading a laptop’s hard drive can be considerably more challenging. Contacting the store and asking for the right parts and weighing out your options is important. Check store continuation programs for further information. If you have an older desktop, you may have to shop around for memory and a compatible hard drive. Fortunately, there are many vendors of discontinued computer parts and accessories that tend to stock specialized and obsolete components. Some manufacturers, like IBM and Lenovo, have specific resellers to sell their discontinued parts. These are tiny portable storage devices that are known by the other terms like ‘memory stick’. USB drives such as these are created by a whole host of brands such as Mini Cruzer, Lexar and Memorex, to name but a few.