Putting is very important to the game of golf. Many golfers win or lose depending on how well they put. Dun-slope It is a good idea to improve your putting game and make it the best it can be. These 5 tips will help you improve your golf game dramatically. You want the length, shape, weight and design to be correct for you. Any golf store should have a pro on-site to help fit you and most country clubs have a pro that will help you choose the correct putter. Dun-slope If you are not using the right equipment you will not get the most out of your golf game. Decide which type of putter you are. Do you like to hit to the front of the cup or back of the cup? If you like to slowly hit the ball in you may be a front of the cup putter, Dun-slope if you like to hit with a little more aggression you are probably a back of the cup hitter. Practice from different angles and determine which style fits you best. Practice putting from different lengths angles and on different courses. Dun-slope You may want to start with shorter length putts. After you get a certain number of putts in, move to a little bit longer of a distance and build up from there. Practice, Practice, Practice. These tips should help you in improving your putting game. Dun-slope If you find that you are still struggling with your golf game, you might want to have a pro come out and watch you putt. You may be doing something that you are unaware of and a pro can help you out. Dun-slope The best advice is to practice and take your time and you should find that your putting game keeps getting better and better every time you go out. For many years decks were built as simple rectangles located at the back door of a house. Today however, homeowners are spending more time and effort as well as imagination in designing decks that take special advantage of the shapes of their homes and the sizes of their yards. The simple rectangular deck close to the ground is the easiest kind of deck to build and may be enough to sufficiently meet the basic needs of the family it serves. However, a flat lot is a natural choice for a wraparound deck which will work to enlarge the apparent size of the house as well as provide access from several areas of the home. A large lot, especially one with changes in elevation, can accomodate decks on different levels that are linked by steps, staircases or walkways. This type of design works extremely well when the outdoor space has to serve a variety of purposes such as barbecuing, dining and sunbathing. The same principle would apply to incorporating that large rock into the deck design. A few extra rocks of varying sizes along with some small shrubs and flowering plants could be used to create an interior deck garden and focal point that would add drama and color to the deck. The main reason to alter the design of the deck may just be in order to add some flair to this new outdoor space. These alterations could be as simple as turning boring 90 degree corners into dramatic 45 degree corners or adding a bumped out section to part of the deck tp provide some added interest to a humdrum section of deck space. The secret is to take the time and effort required to look at the size and shape of your home as well as the size and characteristics of your yard’s landscape to design a deck that will become the quiet retreat or outdoor entertainment focal point that you have always dreamed of. The selection of a home is an emotional decision, and it should be.