Glen Francis has a passion for cars especially those high performance and small production, but Hot Rods and Custom cars are his niche. Dun-slope Find out about the origins of Hot Rods and how to create these timeless machines at. Individuals who have encountered the problem of flooded basement know that it is a serious as well as an expensive problem. Dun-slope There are many people who have to face this problem. There are insurance claims of more than 1 billion that are filed every year for flooded basement and individual claims average around 5000 or more. A leak in the basement walls is enough to allow water into the basement and result in a flood. There are several other ways water gets into the flooded basement. Dun-slope These help to take the water away from the roof and away from the foundation of the house. If there are no proper gutters the water would wet the edge of the foundation and then in all probability inch towards the flooded basement. It is important to check that the gutters and the downspouts are not clogged with debris to enable water to flow without any obstruction. Dun-slope You should also see to it that the downspouts drain the water away from the house, more than 3 feet away. To make a proper grading you can add soil and increase the level of land that is near the foundation and then slope it downward from there. Dun-slope By doing this you would lessen the chances of water coming in contact with the foundation walls and seeping into the basement. If your sump pump gets clogged it will not be able to function at all. Dun-slope You would also have to keep in mind that the discharge pipe is kept at a distance from the foundation. This will prevent the water from entering the flooded basement again. It is not at all difficult to prevent flooded basement. By following some simple steps you would be able to do most of the work yourself. When it is time to buy pH meter, you could end up very confused as not everyone knows everything about these meters, which are otherwise quite important devices. Basically, a pH meter is an electronic instrument which is used to measure the pH level of a liquid. pH level is the acidity or alkalinity level in a liquid. Typically, a pH meter comprises a special measuring probe or glass pH electrodes, which is connected to an electronic meter. This meter measures and displays the pH reading. There is a different meter for every unique measurement need. In order to find the best pH meter as per your requirements, you need to undertake proper research and shop around. In case you find it confusing, you can always turn to a professional for help. Before you buy pH meter or conductivity meter, you must know about the major types of meters available on the market. In all, there are four main types of pH meters offered by manufacturers. A portable pH meter is mostly an ergonomic, steady and versatile meter and has many sophisticated features. pH meters which are portable are good for taking out readings in the field and are sometimes used in homes as well. One of the biggest advantages that portable meters have over pH testers is that there is a much larger selection available and you can choose from a range of styles, designs and features. These meters are generally priced higher than other pH meters and their accuracy is often 0.01 or 0.001. This will surely make your shopping easier. Thoroughbred horses are also one of the most famous features of Kentucky. With pastures covered with plenty of bluegrass, horse breeding and horse racing became one of the main attractions of this region. Kentucky is known to have produced the best race horses breed in the renowned horse ranches all over the state.