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Choose Ocean Blue as the base color of the nails, and apply the glittering sequins of the same color to the front end of the nails to make a beautiful French style. Once the video was released, many netizens slammed the nail shop owner and accused him of abusing insects. nail central The nail shop owner uploaded another video to prove that they finally released the ants and did not harm them, but the netizens did not seem to buy it.Although some people bluntly said that this design does not have any practicality and may hurt the fingers, some stores still expressed their willingness to let the manicurists in the store try such creative designs.MissCandy’s Christmas limited edition gift box this year, the value of the burst table, the gift box contains 3 bottles of new colors, as well as a variety of Christmas decals, even after Christmas, this color is also very suitable for everyday use. Select the light gold nail polish with pearlescent brush as shown on the nail, leave a space of about 0.5CM, nail central pay attention to the uniform when applying, try to be flat. When you are doing nails, bring it to a manicurist and let the manicurist stick the succulent plant to your hand. It is absolutely environmentally friendly and full of lifeIn addition to the Christmas gift box, MissCandy also launched a Christmas series color – Finnish series, from the home color of Christmas grandfather, classic red and green, sparkling gold and silver embellishment, full of festive atmosphere, coming soon New Year’s Day and New Year, nail central these colors are very suitable. According to the marketing director of Dolphin Bay, they have already strengthened cooperation research with the world’s authoritative organizations, and through the market segmentation to explore potential demand gaps, and then develop and combine product projects (including new technology applications) for demand psychological characteristics, Nail care extends to hand and foot skin care and ancillary programs. At the same time, Dolphin Bay also combines health, nail central leisure, skin care and shopping functions, so that the service of the nail shop is more complete and the service details are more personalized and professional. In the new round of competition, big brand nail stores need to adjust their service strategies, and some smaller stores will be forced to develop in the direction of specialized operations. Most importantly, Miss Candy is a healthy and peelable finger color. nail central She is bright, fast-drying, non-toxic and tasteless, and adds calcium gluconate to make her nails stronger. What fun things happen when the men do girls? Foreign websites have done an interesting experiment, let the men come to paint them and see what effect they will have. In this musical, Kim Jun-soo plays the image of the god of death beyond reality. In order to show the deadly charm of the character, the visual effect is achieved with black wings, eyeshadows, red lips and black nails. Although these nail designs are novel and unique, some nail art lovers have questioned this. They think that these nail designs are good-looking, but they lack practicality, nail central especially the nail design of a “rotating steel pipe dancer” who has recently become popular. The dancer in the design has a purple hair and is sexyly rotating on the steel pipe. According to the manicurist, the dancers in the nails were carved on the steel pipes with nails and small objects, and the steel pipes were made of plastic and placed in the center of the hollow nails. The sweetheart manicure oil, which went on sale in August, enhances the ultimate dynamic color and lasts for a few days to maintain the same gloss as paint. It also adds a natural rosin that acts as a bond, ensuring safety while being evenly applied and easy to use. Under the combined action of these materials, a soft and elastic protective layer can be formed freely after use, which makes the nails more perfect. Drawing on the principle of ink rosin for making the color last longer, the effect is more prominent.