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The beautiful New Year wishes are brought to the majority of Taiwan compatriots. taipei luxury hotel Guo Jinlong’s delegation just got off the plane and a large number of local media reporters have waited. Participants in the industry have called for Taiwan to have the advantage of cross-strait geopolitical influence. Taiwan’s tourism and tourism industry should move toward a high-end and exquisite route to develop a huge source of mainland tourists and revitalize the tourism industry. The DPP authorities refused to recognize the “1992 Consensus” and let the cross-strait relations fall into a deadlock. taipei luxury hotel The number of mainland tourists visiting Taiwan has plummeted. Xu Gaoqing, chairman of the Taiwan International Tourism Support Service Association, In the face of the hot discussion, Wu Baochun responded in a low-key manner on the afternoon of the 27th, saying that he may not be fully expressed. In fact, his goal is to develop towards the whole country. taipei luxury hotel The Shanghai Exhibition Store is only one of the cooperative exhibition stores with Singapore. It is in Singapore. Kuomintang spokesman Hong Mengqi said on the 27th that Wu Baochun, who emphasized that the mainland did not open a store, had to plan to open a store in Shanghai, and he would continue to expand.Taiwanese baker Wu Baochun won the French World Bread Masters Championship in 2010 and is known as the “Taiwan Light”. According to Taiwan’s United News Network on the 27th, Green Media had an exclusive interview with him in 2016. Wu Baochun revealed that he has been invited by investors from all over the world for the following year. He hopes that he will open stores outside the island, including mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States. taipei luxury hotel However, Taiwan’s “Economic Daily” recently revealed that Shanghai Xinyu Bakery Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Singapore West Point Group, said in a filing that it has formed a joint venture with Wu Baochun to open Wu Baochun Bakery in mainland China. Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” said that the first bakery will be located in Shanghai, and Wu Baochun bakery will appear in Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou in the future. Therefore, the Taiwan market is alive and the exchanges between the two sides are enthusiastic. In the past two years, the Lukes have not come, exchanges are no longer, and the first-class hotel tourism is bleak. Many outstanding talents hope to have more development opportunities and choose to travel to mainland China. taipei luxury hotel Tsai Ing-wen wants to make up for the two years of Taiwan’s stagnation. Taiwan’s tourism industry has become a “trick business” because of the wrong policy decisions and inactions of the Taiwan authorities, and the tourism authorities are helpless and tired of the current situation of the industry recession. Li Minghui, dean of the Guardian Hospital of Xingwu Technology, taipei luxury hotel believes that under the “new south policy-oriented” thinking, the authorities have granted visa-free policies to many Southeast Asian countries. The number of tourists has indeed improved, but the actual industrial upgrading. The results are not obvious. Jiang Zhaohong believes that relevant research shows that the mainland is the main market for Taiwan’s tourism industry. The decline of Taiwan’s tourism market is mainly due to the decrease in land passengers, while the Taiwan authorities have determined that mainland tourists are not the main force.