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I chatted with the fans in Weibo, and I laughed at the scene with the courage of Changli. His body is the division of the Chinese cofferdam. The bleak years, one end, connected with today’s Fenghua glory. Thirteen years later, the days have passed like a quicksand, taipei hotel near mrt a gentle and resolute past, but neither he nor us have forgotten the past competition, which symbolizes too many things. However, if you don’t give up, if you have been rushing to the iron gate of fate, you will hit the head and break the bloodstream, hitting yourself, and hitting the leader who has not been treated as a regret. After hitting those young and frivolous words, they turned into a gentle and peaceful expression. taipei hotel near mrt Finally, one day, the fate will also lower the noble head, the hard iron gate opens, and inside, it is full of light and flowers. After taking office as the Prime Minister of the Cabinet at the end of 1931, he always hoped to adopt a peaceful approach to the “September 18 Incident”. Since the beginning of this year, the pace of China’s encirclement and thriving has been unstoppable. From this year on, the champions of Chinese cofferdams have been thrown into the garbage of history. From that year on, taipei hotel near mrt those shame and failure, Those regrets and unwillingness will begin to leave us, and they will return to the homeland of China, and the leader of this generation of Chinese encirclement will eventually become such a splendid era after being suppressed for too long. The unveiling of the people. the day when China’s reclamation will be revived, no one knows what year and month it will be. A bang, and then decline, taipei hotel near mrt and exhausted, when those youngsters are smoothed in repeated failures, when one day we finally take the loss as the normal state, when the pot boiling oil is only slowly cooled Going down, the worries of President Wang Yinan may become what we are actually facing. In China, the dragon and tiger fighting has become more and more fierce. taipei hotel near mrt The young 80s, starting from the championship title in the domestic arena, began their process of attacking the world. In the Tianyuan Gu Li has become the main player of the Nongxin Cup. The former “Chunlan Youth” Kong Jie won the new king in 2003 and won the Song Taikun in the confrontation between the Chinese and South Korean newcomers. The younger Liu Xing and Peng Hey, they all embarked on the journey of the Yings Cup at the age of less than twenty.  The nickname of the “ancient round” is so worn on the head of the “Little Tiger”. Another little tiger, taipei hotel near mrt Kong Jie, was a quick knife, and sent a good friend of the future, Li Shishi, accompanied by his “destiny enemy” in the first round, at least at this time, the Korean cofferdam The new king, not as much as the predecessor Li Changzhen, brought too much pain to the Chinese cofferdam.