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Wang Mingwei of Japan. Eighteen-year-old Song Taikun, 19-year-old Peng Yu and Cui Zhetang, 21-year-old Kong Jie, when they are standing in the ranks of the Eighth Cup of the Yingshi Cup, Taiwan Taipei hotel the waves of the Yangtze River, have been so magnificently captured on the sacred mountain The cliffs also let Li Changyi, who is also in the quarter-finals, often feel the pressure from young people. Taiwan Taipei hotel Of course, for all the pickpockets in the top 16, the most complicated thing is Liu Changhe. On February 29th, Liu Changhe’s wife, Jin Huiji, passed away. This pair of wives and wives who are surrounded by others in the world of encirclement and punishment are actually separated by yin and yang. After winning the Samsung Cup in 2000, Taiwan Taipei hotel Liu Changhe refused to accept an interview. He used his mobile phone to report his wife’s good news. In an interview, he said that because many people said that they were downhill after marriage, Taiwan Taipei hotel they have been It is very embarrassing to my wife. This time, the champion can lift some embarrassment to his wife. The warmth in the words made the unbeaten “the first attacking hand in the world” on the smashing plate soft and smashed. After the death of his wife, Liu Changhe, who had 7 wins and 2 losses at the beginning of the year, had a violent battle and was once hard to kill. Such a victory, for Liu Changhe, may be a consolation and proof, the sword has gone with the red face, but the chest has not gone away, he said, he will live for his wife, live well. Taiwan Taipei hotel How terrible is Cui Zhezhen? This question, the most qualified to answer, is probably Li Changyi. Compared with Li Shishi, the brother of the same door of the Quanjialong Dojo, Cui Zhezhen seems to have not been the one who is expected to set off the banner of the Korean coffers. Even the nickname “Viper” sounds more like a strange door to the left. However, if you say “Li Chang’s nemesis”, whether it is Yitian Jiji or Yan Naiwei, there is no such thing as a viper. Taiwan Taipei hotel In two months, two Panyu wars, Li Changyi was overturned from the position of the two major titles in Korea.  On the other hand, in the civil wars of four Chinese players, Chang Hao and Peng Yu laughed to the end. Together with Song Taikun who defeated Wang Minghao, they achieved the youngest of the four seasons of Yingshi Cup in more than ten years. In addition to Chang Hao, the other three people have not yet reached the age of the weak crown. And once there was a lot of expectations, the teenagers who swept through the competition, often, now, are the longest old generation.