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I will share with you a very beautiful set of gold foil smudges, gold foil and smudge combination, the value is really very high oh ~ gold foil and smudge A small series also shared a lot with you, and the combination of the two Styles are also widely acclaimed. Individual smudges may appear somewhat nail central monotonous. Adding gold foil elements will make them look more refined! The light texture of the gold foil will give the fingertip a high-grade feel, so that the temperament of the whole nail can be improved very well, and the gold is very versatile, can be added to the face of different colors, no at all It affects its sense nail central of quality! Gold foil has a strong plasticity and can be made into different shapes and areas, so each piece of gold foil manicure is unique, and the smudged nail is also a unique manicure. Every smudged texture can’t be 100%. Copy it out and combine these two unique elements. The effect can be imagined, and you nail central don’t have to worry about the armor. Because of the smudge technique, the red sensation is weakened, the red color is more gentle and attractive, and the gold foil embellishment is more advanced. Of course, Smudge A is not a red patent. We can use any color that we like to create a smudged smudge. It will have a very good effect. It is like some colors that are originally lighter and made into a smudge. It will be nail central extraordinarily gentle, but because of the lighter color, the texture of the blooming is not particularly obvious. At this time, with the gold foil embellishment, the surface can be brightened and the blooming is more obvious. Xiaobian himself and I really like the smudged gold foil manicure. It has both the gentle temperament of the smudged armor and the high-grade feeling of gold foil. It is also a very beautiful manicure. This kind of manicure is just right in the delicateness. It doesn’t look fancy at all, it can be mixed with other fashionable styles, and it will collide with nail central different temperament! The red smudged gold foil manicure is also the most common color matching in our time. The combination of red and gold is also very classic. There will be an elegant and fashionable temperament. It is very pleasing. The red smudge is also a favorite style of many girls. The smudged nails nail central created on the bare nails will look very aura. With the embellishment of gold foil and shells, it will be more sacred. This manicure is full of girlish style and will be very age-reducing. The effect is oh ~ make your fingertips look energetic! We can also add a gold foil and other illuminating elements to the smudged nails, which will have more refined effects! This kind of manicure has a very delicate layering, and people can’t help but want to see it carefully. This kind of sultry value will make you look more lovable.