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Some houses were left with a taipei hotel near mrt and the ceiling was slightly inclined. Traditional culture believes that this sloping roof is easy for the occupants to be mentally depressed and needs to be flattened through the late decoration. The same is true for design ceilings. Try to avoid bumps or sharp corners. Traditional culture believes that facing the ceiling of this type of style for a long time will make people feel violent, and family members are prone to conflicts and disagreements. The balcony is part of the family space. This small space can cause people to have a lot of “dreams”. You will think that it can put the taipei hotel near mrt washing machine into the drying space; it can be set into a study room with an independent quiet space; It can be used as a leisure area, take a leisure chair to soak up the sun and drink tea; it can be arranged into a small garden to satisfy its own fantasy of “poetry and distance”; it can be used as a play area for children, saving other places in the family. Space, and it will not interfere with anyone; can increase the storage space in the home, use as a storage room… Do you have troubles with the idea of ​​balcony for you to stick or not? Let’s discuss it with everyone today. When you are entangled in the taipei hotel near mrt problem of tiling a balcony, you should first consider what you want to use for the balcony. If there is only one balcony in the house, the other space does not have a washing machine, and the balcony itself has water, then the washing machine can only On the balcony, with the washing machine + wash basin on the balcony, there will be more or less clear water on the wall and the ground, especially the position of the wall behind the washing machine and the wash basin. If it is not tiled, it will take a long time. It can get rid of moisture, peeling and even mildew. For the height of the balcony tiling, if you want to install the hanging cabinet on the balcony, it is better to stick the taipei hotel near mrt wall brick over the installation height of the hanging cabinet, which can prevent the moisture of the hanging cabinet and reduce the moisture of the hanging cabinet; If the balcony is only used for drying, the balcony is on the sunny side and the air is good. You can choose not to attach the tile to the top surface. If the balcony is ventilated and not good on the “shadow side”, it is better to stick it to the top surface to prevent the taipei hotel near mrt wall from being wet for a long time. Get wet. Tip: When using the balcony as a storage space, study room, etc., you need to go to the property to ask for it, and do a good job of reporting, not because of problems in the later use of load-bearing. Tip: Some communities will stick the taipei hotel near mrt wall tiles to the top because they are neat and tidy. Ask them to go to the community property before posting.