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A few days ago, some netizens appeared in a wheelchair in a few games and appeared at the airport lightest wheelchair ramp. They were pushed away by the staff, and their expressions were dignified lightest wheelchair ramp. It seems that the injury is not light lightest wheelchair ramp. It is speculated that this may be because the new play triggered the old injury lightest wheelchair ramp. What movie is being filmed? As of March 12, the Spring Festival sci-fi blockbuster that has appeared in the Spring Festival has exceeded 4 lightest wheelchair ramp.6 billion lightest wheelchair ramp. This film is the second in the box office of the mainland film history, second only to. For the first time, the second meaning is not big, because the starring role is also him. In other words, it has become the current hegemon of Chinese cinema. As long as there are suitable works, billions of box office is not to say. Therefore, everyone is looking forward to his new work. Everyone thought that it would be, I did not expect that the latest news has been exposed recently, he is shooting a new film called. The theme of this film is fresh. It is the story of the 1960 Chinese climber team boarding the summit of Mount Everest for the first time and putting the five-star red flag into the world’s highest peak. At first glance, it is a big temperament. The visual effect of climbing Everest is shocking. Needless to say, the lineup is also super powerful. The director is Hong Kong director Li Renxiang, who is famous for making action movies. In addition to the actors, there are others. It is said that it is expected to be released this year’s National Day, a good schedule, a strong lineup, and a fresh theme. This film is full of explosive temperament. Judging from the exposed photos of the scene, the shooting was very hard. In this environment, shooting is of course hard, and there are often many unexpected situations. As can be seen from the actors, in addition to a few familiar actors, it should be because they are more familiar with the plateau. It can also be seen that the shooting environment is not easy. After that, for the sake of injury, injury is commonplace. It can be seen from a set of pictures. Most of the injuries were caused by filming. I once said in the interview that when shooting, for the sake of effect, the two did not play routines in a street battle, and they actually hit, and the injured hand and the stick were broken three. This is all pediatrics. In 2014, because the filming was injured, it was very serious and was sent to the hospital for treatment. At that time, there was no idea of ​​taking action movies. He said on Weibo, “I have been working hard for so many years. Now, maybe it is time to change. China is a very popular tourist destination. In fact, China is actually a very popular tourist destination. It is very rich in tourism resources.