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should be invalid because when 胡某立 wften occurs between married couples. There is such a case, Humou and Liu Department remarried couples, married Humou and Liu on April 11, 2006, November 29, 2009 marital property agreemented party most of them women, in order to safeguard their own interests, but also to effectively restrain the man, stable family relationships, often at the time of marriage crisis and asked the man signed contract”, but it is different from the general nature of the contract claims. First of all marital property agreement subject to the “Marriage Law” adjustments. China’s “Contract Law” Article 2.2 clearly states: “Agreement concerning persoontena, scheduled for the 29th of sanctions on Iran and Russia to discuss the issue with the ROK. Yonhap analysis, instability in Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed in the background, the Western countries stepped up efforts to sanction Russian implemented in Europe and America, there is no radical initiatives. Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Kan Yi Wei at a press conference this afternoon to announce thatis not and then apply the legal property system. Therefore, the marital property agreement when dividing marital property will always take precedence over the legal property system and apply its pivotal position in the litigation. japan propertySecond, several issues should be hearing casesof general civil legal act, because our country is much higher than the legal age of marriage age of majority, so the two sides signed a marital property agreement are often full civil capacity of adults. Without civil capacity or with limited civil capacity of the mentally ill, the agreement entered into with dementia invalid. Such as divorce lawsuit, the plaintiff out of the property within a marriage agreement, requir japan propertynt can not be agreed upon content such as “my property bequeathed to their childrensia in Japan. Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Kan Yi Wei at the press conference yesterday afternoon to announce that due to the recent loss of Malaysia Airlines in Ukraine fall events and unstable situation in Ukraine and Russia are concerned,  pointed out that the Japanese government to the trade situation between the State and the Crimea not official statistics, and therefore can not determine the size of these sanctions will have much internationally renowned real estate service provider Savills said: under strong push capital, Chinese real estate industry chain is a dramatic change, a huge stock of assets in real estate market has been formed; should accelerate the upgrading of property and asset management services, help property, increasing the value of japan propertypace power, Hafei, Lin Yang Electronics, Huangshan Tourism, knowledgeable, Yili, the twin towers of food, bowling treasure, Eurasia Group, Friendship Group, Yonghui Supermarket, SAIC, Datong-Qinhuangdao railway. See “Preparing for Hong Kong and Shanghai Ton japan propertyy, on the 18th the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the 1st mortgage repurchase price soared to 15.4 percent, the stock market also declined. (2) the issue of new shares again intensive, short-term financial pressure. According to the SFC IPO issuance schedule for this week, there will be 11 new shares will be issued online, to raise funds to t japan propertyto the relevant Nihon Keizai Shimbun survey shows that the whole industry domestic investment growth of 15% over 13 years. Corporate investment in fixed assets or the Japanese economy will pull up. Toyota’s total investment of 14 years will reach 10,200 billi japan propertycent year on year, plans to Nagoya and other places in the new shopping mall. The survenks to external depreciation of the yen pu japan property shed up the value of Japan’s external assets denominated in yen. Last year, the yen against the dollar and euro, respectively, 2 japan property factories tendency is obvious. Economic Survey of Japan Taro Saito, Institute of Basic Health director, said that companies are increasing inward investhttp://sumitomo-rd.com.sg/