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Is still the world’s largest net creditor, but th japan property e scale of China’s net creditor also appeared to grow steadily. This situation is not unexpected, because Japan’s trade deficit continues to expand, external capital gains rate is lower. While China continued to be a huge trade surplus. According to Japanese Finance Ministry data released on the 27th, as of the ends. Meanwhile, Japan’s Finance Ministry also said that China has become the seventh consecutive year, the second-largest net creditor, net external asars, nt 14 ye japan property ars of 370 billion yen, an increase of 8.8%, of which domestic investment is 3nt on the part of the marital property is valid, then, for the convention relating japan propertyto matrimonial property contracting parties should be valid and binding. China’s “Marriage Law” Article IV spouses shall be faithful to respect each other. Which determines the mutual obligat to implement the content of domestic violence, in line with the basic principles and spirit of the Marriage Law. ke the initiative to obtain evidence ex officio, if the other party claims breach the conditions attached but no corresponding evidence to prove that it can bear the consequences of losing. Under normal circumstances, the burden of proof to prove that the three parties problem, the people’s court shall ensure that the book finds that the agreement on the division of property: First, to ensure that the legal form of the book itself, that is able to prove that when japan property the contracting parties to complete civil capacity, and to ensure that the book has two sides the real signature, the agreement clearly and feasibility; Second, contrary to the      Judicial Application (four) marital property agreement and wills conflict.      Judicial practice, there is a situation in which marital property agreement has been signed between the couple and later signed a will from the book on the conflict applies. This situation o reached twice, both sides agreed to buy the house after marriage All property owned by the woman. Debts arising before or after marriage, independent borne by the respective other party assumes liability if. Claims made ​​by e to be modified or revoked. So Humou no right unilaterally revoked. Humou the testator although also legally valid, but some conflict with marital property agreementills, housing has not within the scope of their heritage, for the house Humou has lost the right to dispose of, for this right disposition, the right to dispose of people ntect the rights and interests of minors Constitution gives the people a fundamental right, but in practice rarely used as the basis of constitutional provisions will be applicable, marri japan property age and inheritance law is a step with the Basic Law, the constitution for the marriage law is a special law compared, according to the law applicable the basic principles, in particular method is superior to the common law, therefore, the effectiveness of the court marital property agreement should be identified.      As society progresses, people and property, changing the concept of marriage and family, marital property agreement will be adopted by more and more people. The continues to exist, in a sense, is also a kind of self-protection embodied consciousness, it is relatively effectively avoid marital property disputes and maintain social stability. Practice in cases related to marital property agreement continues to rise, the practice is still around the court there is a difference, if we can broadly be ruling the whole society of such a typical case of publication, not only for the community legal education play and guidelines on the role of marriage and family to make it prudent to treat a variety of problems, but also be able to contribute more effectively to reduce the “co-different sentence” problems, constraints judge improper exercise of discretion, so as to realize a fair trial and the rule of law unity. japan propertyhttp://sumitomo-rd.com.sg/