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Meanwhile, in the construction of energy-saving society and the state to strengthen the independent innovation capability of background, energy and technological innovation theme will be the development of the industry hot spot. The minimum size of the bath is to introduce a minimum number of size bath Shower Set2014-02-08 | Source: I love my home network | Editor: DingHongTao Shower SetThe minimum size of a bathtub in general are few people interested, but there are a lot of modern lifestyle demanding small apartment owners are always concerned about the minimum size of a bathtub information, there is a suitable size, dwelling in the installation also own a bathtub , over the high quality of life. Shower Sete. According to a person’s height to make can be more comfortable t Shower Setthe skin, so the alkaline bath ad products bring high sales. Products containing personal care cleaning products, skin care proves do not cause any irritation, suitable for all skin types, any age, any season can be used, especially for pregnant women and infants preparation can also be assured, guaranteed without any stimulation. Sichuan Provincial Council recently announced to the public bath agent comparative test reports, test results and recommendations based on expert opinion, which will remind consumers to pay attention to on-demand selection bathing agent, should be used for baby shower designed Shower SetThird, pay attention to the use of bath agent. The results from this comparison, the number of total active matter bath agents have reached or exceeded the national standard in the Shower Set concentrated standard. To avoid excessive amount left in the surface of the skin, affecting skin health, and reducing agent in the chemical composition of bathing pollution of the environment, consumers in the amount of little use to take bath agent, diluted smear, promptly wash. You will encounter obstacles, the basic model with almost shampoo: water charges If dirty water bath, after the bath is likely to enter the vagina, the vagina weaken the force and disease prevention, it is easy to cause cervicitis, annex inflammation, or even in utero or genital infection caused by Shower Set premature birth. Therefore, pregnant women should not bath, but not to the public baths to bathe. Shower SetCold day hot bubble bath for the average person is a very pleasant thing, but heat can cause fetal nerve cell death, bringing the number of nerve cells decreased. Experts pointed out that after the death of brain cells can not be regenerated, can only rely on a number of glial cells instead.  avoid harm mothers sensitive skin. Because: Shower Set1 case of using an unsuitable bath products, may cause dry skin, peeling, rash or other allergic phenomena. 2 If you use scented bath products too strong, not only a strong irritant, uncomfortable smell will easily cause dizzinessld hold the keys immediately into the bathroom to see if the accident occurred in pregnant women, or, as the case immediately to assist emergency hospital. If the pregnant woman into the bathroom too long without movement, family members should also be considerate to say hello and see what the problem is not in need of help, if a loud knock on the door several times to no response you should immediately enter the view, because pregnant women may fainted in the bathroom!  take a bath Shower Set Jiang Fujian: “Because travel frequently, there will be many hotel guests experience staying here, a tired, most want to do is stay clean rest found in many bath products, even if only a little more than the amount. bubble, and it is difficult to clean and I thought, for the hotel, the cost of the product may be reduced, but the guests have been cleaned with water wi