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Interior materials and hardware and other items is much higher than the general ship with advanced. More use of teak wood, metal outfitting use a lot of stainless steel products, gold and silver products and a variety of products, shockproof, anti-seawater corrosion of glass. 3. Making decoration fine. Yacht exterior design requires not only beautiful, upscale interior equipment components, but also for interior decoration is very careful, a lot of renovation work in the field, mainly hand-decorated, difficult, long cycle. Most foreign yacht manufacturers of very high quality decoration workers, mostly 40 to 50 years old, many of them are hereditary. A foreign worker to the Chinese yacht decoration decoration shows the high demands on the yacht, took them to visit the five-star hotel, put on a boat and told every thing to do as a craft. It is because of the materials used yachts, equipment, accessories and other high texture, handmade labor capacity, strong technology, complexity, and other characteristics, making it expensive to become a high value-added, high-margin products. 8 manufacturing steps Editing Create a yacht is not a very easy thing to do, ten steps needed to complete a yacht. Step one: good design drawings; Step two: stakeout, the graphics on the drawing by a certain percentage, to produce a rough appearance; The third step: materials, out of a hull section and follow the appearance of entities to construction; Fourth step: build hull with fiberglass; Step five: water sand polishing, waxing; Step Six: stripping water, the product come off; Step Seven: construction, will be an additional part of the hull construction; Step eight: close to the hull and superstructure together; Step 9: decoration, electrical and mechanical installations in the hull will be installed; Step 10: Ship department for testing. Tenth step: the water test. 9 apply for registration Editing Buy yachts need to apply for the registration of ships, for the registration of ships required to deal with maritime-home procedures, classification societies, transportation and other sectors. Purchaser must first register to the maritime sector, the application meets the requirements of the name, again shipyard order. Vessel as car brands, for oneness. After the factory ship, the ship’s maritime sector approved purchase contracts and other documents before issuing ownership certificates ship. After all warrants held by the Society inspection of ships passing, issuing inspection certificates and nationality certificates, ships can only legally sea travel. 10 Yacht Club Yacht Charter SingaporeEditing Yacht Club in England in the 18th century rise of the 1950s in the UK has become a fashion. A vessel early for dignitaries in the ship enthusiasts parking, repairs, supplies marina. With the development of industrial civiliYacht Charter Singapore zation, expanding the size of a small marina, gradually evolved into a community gathering place for elites. Original simple function has been unable to meet their growing entertainment, social, Yacht Pictures Yacht Charter SingaporeYacht Pictures (20) Business, and many otheYacht Charter Singapore r needs. Thus, a set of dining, entertainment, accommodation, business, berthing, maintenance, supplies, driver training and other functions in one of the yacht club prototype emerged. – 55 between. Violent rolling (Rolling) and strong Zhen Li (Pounding) will appear from time to time in the ship sai the industry grow as a leading manufacturer of reasons. [6] Ferretti The world’s leading cruise industry, our nearest competitor at twice the size All categories in the European cruise industry leadership;.. Sailing, motor, ect (IB.I., 1 月 1994) five boat factories in France trtories specializing in commercial f Yacht Charter SingaporeAzimut MagelYacht Charter Singapore lano 50 AzimYacht Charter Singapore ut Magellano 50 Yacht Charter SingaporeAzimuYacht Charter Singapore t (Azimut) as the world’s leading luxury yacht yacht brand representatives and top Italian yacht, by the global yacht enthusiasts and successful people love. Whether it is a classic Azimut Flybridge yacht or fashion sport boats, their design and production represents a global trehttp://www.theepicureanstate.com/