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Chinese name bathtub Foreign names Bathtub Use bath or shower Material ceramic, stainless steel, stainless iron, wood Table of Contents A massage class 2 cast iron 3 folding class er temperature is appropriate to 34 ℃; start hydromassage system, run 8-10 minutes, massage the skin surface of the water can relieve nervous tension; 20 ℃ of water in the following manner shower: from left foot to hip, from foot to hip, from the left hand to the shoulder, from the right hand to the shoulder (both carried upward from the bottom), the shower head on the abdomen, on the back of the shower next. run five minutes, let the hot tub at the bottom out of the bubble relaxation of muscle tissue and increase the elasticity of the skin. Only if your Jacuzzi hydro massage system, switch on the use of air conditioning will be adjusted to the maximum amount of air. to start a hydro-massage system, run for 15 minutes to allow the water through the nozzle directly to the parts you need. bath cylinder material: using double tarps, enclosing a sponge block, sponge thickness ≥5mm, tarps bright color. Surface wrinkles, broken zipper pull back and forth freely. Round Jacuzzi Round Jacuzzi 1.2 divided by shape: with and without skirts skirts bath tub. 1.3 Material is divided into: enamel cast iron bathtub, steel enamel bathtubs, glass, steel bathtubs, artificial agate and artificial marble b the purchase of “test the water”, listen to the voice. If jacuzzi motor noise is too large, enjoy not, has become a burden. ⑤ watch service. Besides watching product quality, brand, price, the service is also an important factor that consumers should consider, such as whether to provide on-site measurement, installation services. [4] How to choose the right bathtub Hot summer, outside a busy day at home, if you put yourself 2, easy to clean Nanoscale surface both environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic to humans, water stains freely after bath rinse. 3, the original stamp design Prevent heat loss, greatly improves the thermaBathtub Singaporepoor temperature, pressure ability, do not wear, easy to aging shortcomings surface, and therefore the use of acrylic bathtubs in more than three years there is no bathtub minimal surface discoloration. However, some brand manufacturers in the producti adjustable nozzle (fitted on both sides of the tub), after filled with hot water circulation, the air sucked into the air intake, mixed with water at the nozzle, the nozzle of the water and bubble jet bath is not only functional, as well as massage healtBathtub Singaporeing the same horizontal tube drainage, should adopt multi-channel buried drain. 5.4 bathroom bathtub arranged in the form of shelving type, embedded, semi-sunken three. Type that is set aside by a corner bathtub aside to facilitate this way of construction, easy maintenance, suitable for selection in the ground floor has been completed renovated situation. Embedded is the embedded countertops Bathtub Singaporein baths, countertops conducive place toiletries, but its large footprint. Semi-high platform is the lower third of the sunken bathtub buried in the ground or burBathtub Singaporeied stepped inside, bathtub on the bathroom floorBathtub Singaporeylic, enamel cast iron, steel enamel and other mat Bathtub Singapore erials. Ceramic shower trays bulky, fragile, has become is acrylic, replace steel enamel material. 6.2 Acrylic acid materiBathtub Singaporeirty, impatience wear, use some time after the surface was significantly easier to gray. Bathtub Singapore6.3 steel tub after a certain thicknss than the width of a large bathroom length or depth deep bathtub, in order to ensure adequion as follows: When a bathtub on the wall in the face of temporary, if the drowning man’s