Shower Set

Classified by function  Ordinary Bathtub: only meet the general bath tub function. Surfing type bathtub: cylinnt an art  prospects 1 Introduction Editing neral, the most suitable for small square rectan to find the size of a bathtub, the reason is the size of a bathtub is very easy to find, but now the size of a bathtub is not too difficult to find. About the size of a bathtub to find specific, I suggest yo Shower Set u look at the size of a bathtub here, the reason why the size of a bathtub full comparison here. gular bathtub space, but easily become monotonous, select the fourth curved bathtub occupied little space, surpasses the g Shower Set eneral long bath full of changes, only the settings, you must find the most suitable corner or a low wall to separate, it does not seem obtrusive; circular bathtub Daping more suitable number of bathroom space, oven, steam rooms and other SPA devices must also have enough space to take full e Shower Seton moisture-proof back taste considerations. Bathroom renovation moisture anti-back-flavored Notes 1, note that the bathroom is designed to try to separate wet and dry pattern; 2, pay attention to the protection of bathroom ventilation, can not be easily set the cut off; 3, be sure to buy the water with deodocteristics of the material, so as to find a suitable paneommunicating style. Specifically, in colors, materials, shape, etc. to the dining room, living room, such as integration, echoes. Such as the color, if the whole family designed to warm tones, the whole kitchen colors are warm colors sh Shower Set ould be selected; modeling aspects, if the overall style is lively, the kitchen’s style can also be relatively flexible, lines, surfaces can also be more some changes. 3 online shopping bathroom Editing Withx the toilet, the toilet can not be removable again, if the pipeline encountered serious obstruction, only knock One way t Shower Set o toilet. Exhaust fan Usually when people build houses on the bathroom ventilation equipment and not paid much attention, most just install a ventilation fan Bale. Bad gas can not be discharged outside the bathroom, still only in the bathroom cycle only. [1] This is a lot of people pay attention to the little things, litt Shower Set le things that he is a lot! Bathroom use fer pieces of epends on whether the norms empty. Art Basin: reflects individualism, choice is to consider and with the effect of other products. Bathroom Cabinet Bathroom Cabinet Exquisite bathroom Atlas Album Exquisite bathroom Atlas Gallery (20) In addition to considering buying bathroom cabinet sizes, styles and colors, consider the following factors: moisture-proof, waterproof, moth, so th Shower Set e quality of mle. Bath renderings Bath renderings If the bathroom is small in size, you can choose 1400mm, 1500mm bath or shower; If the bathroom area, choose 1600mm, 1700mm for the bath, if the bathroom area is large enough, you can install high-end Jacuzzi and double with bath tub or exposed . Finally, talk about at the time of purchase, the bathroom is the final installation of a variety of products, though, Shower Set but to our bathroom ti-wear capabilities, combined with Li Jia, coating evenly, depending on the sense of thick and bright as a mirror surface color. Disadvantages After prolonged use, the surface will darken, generates a thin layer of copper oxide, if the bronze in a damp environment, there is a green patina surface generation. After a period of time, since the stainless steel surface layer of mist will make armrest surface dark. Hardness is relatively low, while its wear resistance is relatively poor, relatively