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Best Accounting Software II, the degree of socialization of production of capitalism has been an unprecedented development of modern science and technology and economic management of the rapid development of science, by the social, political, economic and technological environment, the traditional financial accounting and constantly enrich and improve financial accounting work more standardized, universal and standardized. Meanwhile, the accounting discipline in the 1930s, the cost basis of accounting, based on close cooperation with the needs of modern management theory and practic Best Accounting Software e, and gradually formed to provide information for internal management accounting management system, so that the accounting work from the traditional post bookkeeping, afterwards, reimbursement, into advance forecasting and decision-making, in the matter of supervision and control, accounting and analysis afterwards. The emergence and development of management accounting, is a great change in the history of accounting, since then, the formation of modern accounting financial accounting and management accounting are two branches. With the rapid developmenlysis with emphasis on an economic value activities targeted management activities. Early accounting including auditing. Traditionally, to work Best Accounting Software as an accountant accounting professionals referred to sometimes as a synonym for the accounting of accounting. Chinese Accounting Accounting has a long history in certain extent ap Best Accounting Software plicable accounting software. GAAP accounting software is divided into software and industry-wide generic generic accounting software Pieces. Such as: Kingdee easy bookkeeping Sentinel develop accounting software, also known as special account Best Accounting Software ing software, refers only applies to individual units of accounting business accounting software. 2. hardware structure is divided: Single-user accounting software refers to the accounting software installed on one or several computers, each computer accounting software runs separately generated data is stored only in this statio Best Accounting Software n computer, you can not directly exchange data between the computer and the sharing. Multi-user (network) refers to accountin Best Accounting Software(3) Fixed assets accounting module. Fixed assets Fpany the right to autonomously will pay off postponed until more than one year after the balance sheet liabilities. Current liabilities include short-term loans, notes payable, accounts payable, advance payments, employee benefits payable, taxes payable, interest payable, Best Accounting Software dividends payable, other payables. Non-current liabilities refer to liabilities other than curr Best Accounting Software ent liabilities, including long-term loans payable, bonds and so on. etc.; net assets refers to the difference between the institutions of the assets minus liabilities, including enterprise funds, fixed fund , special funds, such as the cause of balances and operating balance; income refers to institutions for conducting business activities, legally obtained non-reimbursable funding, including grant income, business income, operating i Best Accounting Software ncome and other income; expenditof accounting, basic methods and techniques. Financial Accounting clarify the accounting treatment of the assets, liabilities and owners’ equity of the basic theories and methods; raise research funds financial management, management, effective use of theo o record business transactions, clear economic business responsibilities and registration books, according to a written document. (4) The registration books, is based on accounting documents, books in con Best Accounting Software tinuous, complete and systematic method of a special economic and business records. (5) Cost calculation is based on a certain object imputation costs that occurixed assets accounting module is mainly used for detailed accounting and management. Fixed assets accounting module include: ① establish a fixed asset card; ② establish fixed asset books; ③ Input Movements in fixed assets; ④ provision for depreciation of fixed assets; ⑤ summary calculations; ⑥ inquiries and printout; ⑦ preparation of vouchers. This module is mainly based on the provisions of the financial system, the establishmenttry CHANGES fixed assets, aggregate v Best Accounting Software alue of fixed assets is calculated, accumulated depreciation and net worth. Prepared according to the pre-designed automatic debit entries, complete the transfer of records, fixed assets ledger printout and data cards, the value of fixed assets to reflect the situation in detail.