Shower Set

Shower Set of water per person per day for the entire country is also very favorable, enterprises should pay attention to this point, try to save the concept applied to the goods for the country but also for theShower Set Earth’s limited resources conservation . Consumers should always pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection, but also the Earth a “clean.” We all know that environmental protection is not a slogan, but each person lives are closely event. In the bathroom space, its environmental protection is reflected in two aspects, one space design environmentally friendl tub height is not the most talked about, those small apartment owners are most concerned about is a square bathtub. Three fan-shaped bathtub introduce minimum sizeFan-shaped bathtub perhaps apply to certain small apartment bathroom, bathtub should be the minimum size for the sector is also necessary to focus, it is understood that, the size of the diameter of the fan-shaped bath tub common size is almost circular, and the minimum is 1.3 meters in diameter size bath fan .4 oval bathtub introduce minimum sizeFShower Setor small apartment owners, in addition to the minimum size of a square bathtub, most attention is the minimum size oval bathtub, oval bathtub because fashion is not only beautiful appearance, but usually with a square tub area occupied almost, so much attention. It is understood that the length of the oval-shaped bathtub is generally l bathtub size is only one meter.In summary, what is the minimum size for a bath tub aShower Setnd the smallest in size nvenient this way construction, easy munkShower Seten bathtub contrast, access easy and convenient, suitable for the infirm to use. Bathtub height Second, the freestanding bathtub installation points Freestanding bathtub installation is relatively simple. Where the inlet and outlet of the installation is the key issue. Before installing or modifying good must first reserve bathtub spout and other channels, and then plac water level of the navel or waist level, soaking in mineral springs. Upper cover a large towel, to avoid the cold. Shower: rShower Setefers to the body with a special injection of a local water pipes, to achieve the purpose of treating disease. The nozzle away from the skin by about 20 cm, 15 cm and gradually moved to the water temperature of 40 to 50 ℃, each injection 5 minutes, followed by bath for 1Shower Set0 minutes. Now, some shower spray of water is sprayed from a different direction to the body, in fact, a kind of ‘massage’ acupuncture points. Benefits shower two things: First, to prevent cross-infection; Second is the point of ‘massage’. Now surf bath, water rushed into the human body from different directions, but also the point of ‘massage’. Benefits tub Jian Hao herbs can be added. Massage bath: bath fifty-six minutes in the tub, while the body massage. Can take advantage of hydrostatic pressure, the buoyancy of water activities and affected limb. When bathing, massage can be  comfortable in the summer, the probability of cold fever when bathing small. Of course, spring, autumn and winter little sweat, bathe you require more reasons not established. Give you an idea of it. If you really want to wash, they do not want to face the family elders, husbands and even talk derogatory servant servant, that you can pretend to be svick, called the family hired a doctor, said his symptoms are “itching, desquamation black and white, Bianti Health lice, greasy dirt smell, “the doctor out of the treatment prescription Bacheng including” bath body “- Yeah, in ancient times,” bath “is generally regarded as an effective tr