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Management accou Best Accounting Software nting and financial accounting respectively for internal management and external reporting objectives, in accordance with their respective accounting methodology, double accounting. However, with the continuous development of financial innovation, management accounting and financial accounting are gradually coming together, the two borders gradually disappear. Ties and differences between a management accounting and financial accounting Contact 1.1 management accounting and financial accounting Business management accounting and financial accounting in the same environment, both for the production, opBest Accounting Softwareeration and management services. Both are capable of recording, calculation, analysis and evaluation of enterprise economic activities, provide an objective basis for enterprise management decision-making and help enterprises to maximize the economic value of the development goals. ocus is different. Enterprise management accounting management needs to reflect the type of the past, based on strengthening forecast, planning, decision-making and other functions, and the future is the focus of its work. The Financial Accounting reimbursement type only provide historical financial information for the past is the focus of its work. FourthBest Accounting Software, the different time span. Business management accounting report preparation has a greater time flexibBest Accounting Softwareility, preparation time can be as short as one day, it can take several years, in practice often carried out in accordance with the needs of managers. The time to prepare financial reports tend to have hard and fastounting and so on. More emphasis on integration of corporate accounting management accounting and financial accounting. In essence, managementBest Accounting Software accounting and financial accounting transactions and ownership changes are to resource elements of the recognition, measurement and control. Both due to the different division, the focus in accounting is different. Production and operation of enterprises is the main object of financial accounting, management accounting and financial accounting object is reprocessed, is the use of financial accounting guidance related to information, control, organization of business management activities. Best Accounting SoftwareOn the functions of the direction, management accounting is the extension and development of financial accounting; on job content, management accounting is the deepening of financial accounting; the ultimate goal, managBest Accounting Softwareld confirmation and measurement mode Financial accounting should break through the accrual basis of a single model, in confirming the need to fully consider the cash flow basis, and strive to build the accrual and cash flow basis of combining accounting recognition. This will not only be able to confirm the basis of coordination and management accounting and financial accounting, but also can reduce the workload of management accounting, external reporting in favor of corporate cash flow information, to better meet the needs of external information. In the measurement, the financial accounting needs to present value of futur business cycle is expected to be realizeBest Accounting Softwared, sold or consumed, or mainly held for trading purposes, or is expected to play at the balance sheet date within one year (including one year) as well as the realization of assets from the balance sheet the date of the exchange of cash or cash equivalents ability or other assets within one year of unlimited liability is settled. Current assets include cash and bank, trading financial assets, notes receivable, accounts receivable, prepayments, interest receivable, dividends receivable, other receivables, inventory and so on. Non-current assets are assets other than current assets, including long-term equity investments, fixed assets, construction engineering, engineering goods, intangible assets, development sprecorded, using this accounting treatment system, the current lack of a reasonable income and expense ratio, calculated financial results is not enough right, so business units should not be used on a cash basis but operating activities accrual, mainly for administrative units. 2 accrual (3). Fill and audit accounting documents, accounting documents are used t of a fixed asset card, to determine the coefficients of depreciation of fixed assets, methods, enred during each run, a special m