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Best Accounting Softwareir report is divided into different objects of fi hole corporate finance activities.Best Accounting Software Some information comes from data management accounting financial accounting, management accounting and financial accounting using roughly the same raw materials. For example, to make investment decisions, you need to collect relevant cost data; in order to control inventory, you need to collect historical inventory, inventory costs ial forecasts, decisions have an important impact on the success of the business has a cal year. Print output functiBest Accounting Softwareon is to print vouchers, books and other accounting information to users and archive storage. (2) report processing module. Report processing module is based on the provisions of the national unified accounting system, based on accounting data and the preparation of finan payroll processing. Payroll modules include: ① design projects and the formula for calculating wages; ②Best Accounting Software basic data entry wages; ③ Changes Changes and modifications; ④ calculate summary; ⑤ inquiry; ⑥ printout. Payroll module, the firstBest Accounting Software design of the project and project wage formula, according to the project entry workers should be sent, deductions, real hair amount, calculated according to the requirements of users of different denominations allotment zeroBest Accounting Software, the entire amount of money. The module should have the project on their own definition of wages, choose classification, wage revision flexible prng methods and techniques and content there are two major developments, one is double-entry bookkeeping method of continuous improvement and promotion, and the second is the emergence and rapid development of cost accounting, which in turn become an important foundation in accounting management accounting branch . Modern nancial accounting and management accounting. Financial Accounting: The preparation of financial statements and provide information for internal and external users. Financial accounting is to provide information on a wide range of users. The focus is to report financial condition aBest Accounting Softwarend operating conditions, mainly on the external reference. Management Accounting: mainly for corporate management to provide information within the enterprise sector as a basis for decision-making. There is no standard mode, the control is nBest Accounting Softwareot accounting standards. By Category Divided by industry: industrial enterprises accounting, commodity accounting, financial and securities accounting, insurance, corporate accounting, construction, corporate accounting, real estate, accounting, telecommunications accounting, corporate accounting agriculture, tourism and cateriBest Accounting Softwareng accounting, health care accounting, transportation, accounting, culture education in accounting, property management accounting, administrative accounting, the Public Company Accounting, logistics enterprise accounting, chain management accounting, publishing and printing accounting, private accounting, small business accounting (manufacturing) accounting, small business accounting (business) accounting, power companies accounting, corporate accounting coal, iron and steel enterprBest Accounting Softwareise accounting, pBest Accounting Softwareetrochemicals accounting, automotive industry accounting, corporate accounting tobacco, alcohol corporate accounting, corporate accounting food, medicine business accounting, manufacturing accounting, textile accounting, foreign trade accounting, information accounting consulting services, adveBest Accounting Softwarertising services Best Accounting Softwarein accounting, housing intermediary service accounting, marketing (farmers, activities is used on a cash basis rather than an accrual basis, which led to the administrative institutions and accounting elements set its definition and business units differ. Administrative units for the balance sheet and income ment standard, it is impossible from the accounting system as a whole and play a role in the application of accrual only under effective government accounting and financial reporting framework have actual meaning. Another implication: thunits should use the accrual basis. Administrative institutions operate also use the accrual basis. Accounting and higher mathematicsprehensive use of the basic theories and methods corporate accounting information. Auditing clarify the legality of economic activity, compliance, rationality and effectiveness of the basic theories and methods of inspection and supervision Depending on the object using the data, divided into financial accounting and management accounti