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Bathtub Singaporerail. 3 sink installed to secure. Minimize debris within 4 bathrooms, for example: chairs, pots, baskets, etc., so as not to stumble; For placing it aside to focus put away. 5 buy a shelving (double or triple, and shall be fixed properly) centrally located in all bathrooms small items such as shampoo, shower gel, soap boxes, combs, hair dryer, etc., in order to avoid inconve Bathtub Singaporenience caused scattered everywhere, even people stumble, inviting danger. Second, buy the appropriate bathing supplies Bathing should adopt a neutral, non-irritating, non-intense flavor, with moisture is preferred in order to; therefore shows empathy, and do not place the air freshener ducts, skin care after bath, perfume fragrance, bath tool more than 10 series of products, plant extracts, without any stimulation, very gentle formula does not contain any non-natural ingredients and additiin the bathroom, because for pregnant women and fetuses are stimulated sex, only the bathroom clean, no smell can be. Three, pre Bathtub Singapore water level of the navel or waist level, soaking in mineral springs. Upper cover a large towel, to avoid the cold. Third, the shower: Refers to the body with a special injection of a local plumbing, to achieve the purpose of treating disease. The nozzle away from the skin by about 20 cm, 15 cm and gradually moved to the water temperature of 40 to 50 ℃, each injection 5 minutes, followed by bath for 10 minutes. Now, some shower spray of water is sprayed from a different direction to the body, in fact, a kind of ‘massage’ acupuncture points. There are two benefits of a shower, first to prevent cross-infection; Second is the point of ‘massage’. Now surf bath, water rushed into the human body from different dir Bathtub Singaporeections, but also the poin bath and soap, basic toiletries too strong to stimulate the skin, can cause allergic skin disease. Use, should minimize the bath and body soaps stay on time, as soon as the foam rinse. The city will start checking for bath products. According to chairman of the Association Guoen Bin introduction, the association currently has more than 500 members in Nanjing, Nanjing, cover Bathtub Singaporeing most of bathing places and spa

to contract, resulting in abortion. “At the mother, the probability of the occurrence of syncope and abortion is still relatively small, but the long hot baths on the fetus is relatively big. Seven, pay attention to the dai Bathtub Singaporely bath time Bath time must be appropriate. When hungry, within one hour after satiation not bathe. The number of pregnant women bathing, we can add, washed twice in the summer every day. Because she metabolism of the skin is exuberant. If you sweat, or that the metabolism of cell shedding more than, sebaceous glands g Bathtub Singaporeet more, so you can increase the number of bathing. Beware t of ‘massage’. Benefits tub Jian Hao herbste the conditions. Therefore, mothers do not bath, but not to the public baths to bathe. Meanwhile, the hot water for a long time do not rinse the abdomen in order to reduce adverse effects on the embryos. Early pregnancy, due to the mothers stomach smaller, so it can stand a shower, but you must set the handrails in the bathroom to prevent mothers slipping; into late pregnancy, the prospective motic “bath beans”, a lot of recipes, have time to do it yourself at home row , the market is also very easy to buy. Washing of Bathtub Singaporewater with a clean towel to wipe, attention also requires upper body and lower body with a different towel to wipe, clean clothes Cawan back a re-combed hair, the bathing process is con