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Best Accounting Software Second, improve the quality of accounting personnel of enterprises, strengthen management accounting education. Enterprise management accounting training should be carried out to strengthen the work of the accounting guidance and business training personnel and related mana Best Accounting Software gers at all levels to promote businesses are able to understand, know how to manage accounting, management accounting and financial accounting established team with high quality. Third, the use of appropriate methods of basic data collection, to ensure the effective integration of management accounting and financial accounting. rocess is the tool of economic management. (2) Accounting is a collection, processing and distribution of economic information system information. (3) the accounting treatment through the collection and use of economic information, the organization of economic activity, control, regulation and guidance, prompting people to a comparative anaChina. AccordingBest Accounting Software to historical records, as early as the Western Zhou era has specialized official accounting of revenue and expenditure of money given official – the Secretary will, and the balance of property taken “in months year-old will” (sporadic count of for dollars, tBest Accounting Softwarehe total cost-effective for the Council) approach. Also appeared in the Western Han Dynasty books called “meter Book” or “Book Book” for registration and accounting matters. Subsequent dynasties have officaccounting stage The time span of modern accounting since the 1950s began. Technology and content development here accounting method has two important symbol, one accounting means of a qualiBest Accounting Softwaretative leap that modern electronic technology integration led to the “Accounting” and accounting, the second is accompanied by the production of accounting and management science devvelopment and differentiation for financial accounting and management accounting two branches. 1946 was born in the United States the first computer, in 1953 it has been initially applied in accounting, followed by rapid development, to the 1970s, developed countries had already seen a computer software application database and the establishment of a overall management of the system’s computer. Separated from the financial accounting system out of the “management accounting” of the term formally adopted at the World Accounting Association in 1952. Reports on the object classification The, material consumption and other data. These data can be obtained from the report or record in the books of financial accounting. The authenticity of these data, thBest Accounting Softwaree validity of the financ key influence. Business capite basic disciplines of accounting Accounting is based on the fundamental issues important branch of modern research accounting accounting, clarifying the accounting basic theory, basic methods and basic skills. Accounting qualification curriculum. There are two main accounting basis, ie accrual and cash basis. 1 cash basis. Cash basis, also known as cash basis, means the business units for the income and expenses recognized based payments (including cash and bank deposits) of actual receipts as standard. Where the issue of actual receipt of income and payment of expenses payments, regardless of whether it should be attributed tcome and expenses for each period to achieve a reasonable ratio, the financial results of the measurement are relatively correct. Therefore, the state “Enterprise Accounting Standards” provides accounting businessenterprises accounting, high-tech corporate accounting, accounting software and integrated circuits. Classified by job content Press work is divided into: general ledger accounting, transactions accounting, cost accounting, material accounting. Cost Accounting: refers to obtain the total cost and unit cost of the product and accounting accounting of all production costs. Central element of cost accounting is costing. Cost management and financial accounting is divided into two areas, cost accounting and control to help manage the company’s business plan, and develop long-term or strategic decisions, and to establish a favorable cost control methods, reducing costs and improving quality. Classification accor