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Best Accounting Software accounted for. Under the accrual basis, each accounting period, the response to the intertemporal balance of payments adjustments, accounting procedures, though more cumbersome, but make in On the other hand, accounting accounting software can improve work efficiency, reduce the intensity of accounting personnel to work in terms of accounting treatment, change the “Best Accounting Softwareheavy light management accounting” situation. Reduction in working errors, facilitate billing inquiries, and so on. Accounting software is application software. Accounting system is based on the accounting treatment for the core features, including a variety of functional organic combination. Most accounting software accounting system by function will be dividedBest Accounting Software into a number of relatively independent subsystems, each part of the subsystem features simple and relatively independent of each subsystem of accounting information transfer and exchange with each other. A complete accouBest Accounting Softwarenting system. Accounting software has completed all parts of relatively independent accountiBest Accounting Softwareng data input, processing and output functions, called accounting software functional modules. Accounting software function modules include the following components: (Ahe state, is to use a computer to keep its books in the process. ng, cost accounting systemsBest Accounting Software, accounts payable accounting, sales accounting and financial analysis, and so on. According to the characteristics of the industry, there are: retail inventory accounting system, wholesale inventory accounting system. According to management needs, there are: labor personnel management system, state-owned assets management system, etc. , Divided by the sBest Accounting Softwarecope of application GAAP software refers to a g software accounting software installed on a multi-user system of the host (computer network server), the system in each terminal (workstation) can run simultaneously, accountants different terminals (worksta every sum “to account”, and registration “to account” to reflect the same accounts context. “Poster inventory”, “Dragon accounts” and “legs accounts” shows the different historical periods of Chinese development revenue accounting methods, reflects the traditional strict Chinese specialties. Modern Accounting Modern accounting is a product of the commodity economy. 14th and 15th century, due to the rapid development of European capitalist commodity currency economy, promoting the developm are closely related. Various accounting methods and techniques are inseparable from mathBest Accounting Softwareematics. Accounting and Statistics of the relationship, all of the socio-economic activities quantitative description. Accounting its contents, there are important branch of basic accounting, financial accounting, financial management, cost accounting, management accounting and auditing science. Basic Accounting clarify the basicsries and methods. Cost Accounting clarify cost forecasting, planning, calculation, analysis, control and decision-making of the basic theories and methods. Management Accounting [1] illustrate how to combine business management, comment accounting and financial accounting require recording, evaluation, assessment, control of corporate funds, so as to promote senior managers to Best Accounting Softwaremake optimal decisions, rational use of corporate resources. Difference 1.2 management accounting and financial accounting The difference between management accounting and financial accounting business between mainly in the following aspects. First, the coBest Accounting Softwarentent is) the accounting treatment module. Accounts processing module mainly accounting documents for the original data, according to accounts, statistical indicator system for economic content contained vouchers, recording, classification, calculation, processing, aggregation, output general ledger, subsidiary ledger, journal and other auxiliary books, vouchers and reports. Account processing module include: ① Accounts initial (Jian Zhang); ② voucher processing (input, review, summary); ③ inquiry; ④ reconciliation; ⑤ checkout; ⑧ printout; ⑦ other auxiliary functions. The initial requirement is based on accounting procedures and internal management accounting system requires custom, vouchers format, books system process. The establishment of a new accounting manual accounting system is equivalent to tcial statements, financial reports provided to company managers and government departments. Compilation of financial statements in its scope can be divided into individual reports, summary reports and consolidated financial statements. Report processing module includes: ① report definition; ②