Shower Set

Shower Settary products and very difficult to distinguish between true and false; saving shortcuts to the store to buy sanitary building materials market is very time-consuming, head tail tail forty-five days. How can online Amoy well Sanitary it? Buy whole bathroom, consistent style, the e Shower Setntire purchase price is also affordable. Net purchase as bathroom cabinet, more convenient transportation, the other bathroom cabinets are often broken no responsibility for logistics companies. Solid wood bathroom’s leisure sanitary ware industry. 2, product quality: a unified industry standard missingral, and faucets copper, alloy, take up will have a hl. At the same time to reach E1 standard environmental protection. 6, the design styling decide certain visual effects. Bathroom design should be consistent with the family’s design style, i ifthtub, which is characterized by a high degree higher than the average of about 50 percent bathtub for sitting can sit bubble bub Shower Setble bath features. Bubble bath seat must be fitted with a bathtub door can be opened, so that users can safelentification markings CCC. Wateination to make your bathroom personality flying. Shower Column Including setting the column at the top of showers overhead shower, set up in more than one column in the middle of the shower fixed pinhole small shower and adjust the water temperature and flow-size knob, and a hand-held shower head, shower column is provided with a hand shower mounting height adjustment fixed guide groove. A guide groove disposed on the side of the fixed shower column, next to the de Shower Seteffect, it would be better to use tens of dollars a square meter of domestic tiles. For example Blossoming glazed tiles Chromic bright, using internationally popular 20 × 20 centimeter size, and the surface uneven, in a kind of structured light against the background of shiny, bright space look larger. Occupies a small split toilet, commode most common market as a whole and split into two. Because the whole toilet water tank and toilet are forming, scrap rate is relatively high, the price is almost split over style toilet expensive, but also some large area. So in a small space, choose split toilet both province and save money, but 70 cm long absolute “downsizing” split toilet ideal for small apartment bathroom. Pedestal wash basin rejected, try not to install the pedestal in a small bathroom, because the following column space is almost impossible to use, unless wr Shower Setapped in a tailor bathroom cabinets, might as well buy two spend together is narrow format Taiwan pots, save money and then purchase a large volume of audience cabinet. Then add some Shower Setstore items scattered small cabinet or stand, plus soap dish and towel bar and other metal parts, ultra-economical and space-saving bathroom renovation you’re done. 7 Editing First, for any kind of faucet re technology behind it is difficult to lead the industry, “bathroom industry is the core technology, the performance in terms of toilet sanitary industry in China failed to break the core technology, it is difficult to lead the industry trend, business, the right to speak..” EU Nepal Cube Tang Hao, general manager of brick directors believe that technology is one of the reasons for restricting Chinese sanitary ware brand development. Unless breakthroughs in core technologies toilet flushing system, otherwise, foreign brands in the leading position in the industry, China ceramic sanitary ware business is difficult to match. 2010 popular, accounting for the inherent space, use a large amount of water. Shower equipment is simple and easy to install, afford Shower Set able, saving water, but yower facilities, a traditional bathtub, folding bathtub parameter comparison It should be noted, showers and bathtubs