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Outdoor Lounge Furniture city’s outdoor leisure products industry has formed a complete industrial chain and clustering effect has become one of the largest production base of the industry in the world, but also enjoy a higher profile in recent US and European economies years of low tide so that “the sea to create” have to face the problem of upgrading so in the fast-growing global cross-border e-commerce market in a timely gorgeous waterfront outdoor leisure companies turned up cross-border electricity business reporter in the interview, the majority of the show exhibitors in focusing on the quality of products that most of them are “multi-legged” walking through “within the extension of export” to win mo Outdoor Lounge Furniture re business, “our company at the beginning of May this year, the product is easy to put on shellfish, Amazon and other world’s largest electronics time less than half the amount of sales business platform of up to 100 million dollars and was named the world’s top single piece of Amazon stock products 100 “for this in others it seems quite amazing achievement is special Holdings chairman Chen Yonghui seems it is expected because in his view high quality products to win market and cross-border e-commerce tool to provide greater impetus to the development of the world’s largest supplier of outdoor leisure products Yongqiang Group for their business this year, October 8 particularly the formation of a global e-commerce team on Taobao selling products and electricity supplier showrooms opened a special scene in real-time publishing on the Internet, Outdoor Lounge Furniture “the rapid rise of e-commerce to make Chinese goods more quickly to break trade barriers around the world to go” to participate in the leisure supplies exhibition BizArk chairman Zhou Ning think that means the traditional layers of wholesale trade companies from China to distributors to retailers and then to overseas distributors and retailers can now use e-commerce to break this level le Outdoor Lounge Furniture t this link flattening “Linhai has become China’s largest outdoor leisure products industry cluster size, outgoing highest, widest industry chain, the most widely influential national brand of outdoor leisure products of foreign trade to upgrade the electricity supplier base model city is changing these brands one of the advantages of the path Outdoor Lounge Furniture of traditional corporate entities transformation “It is understood that the size of the current waterfront outdoor leisure companies are involved in e-commerce, but the intensity varies by many companies based on Taobao, Jingdong and other commercial enterprises run business platform is changing try to establish a global power mode overseas warehouse number does not matter as long or short day exhibition for exhibitors and buyers have harvested many believe that a chorus of applause fe Outdoor Lounge Furniture edback in the city of outdoor leisure products industry will be a new perspective interpretation of “Linhai manufacturing “Believe city outdoor leisure products industry is bound to widen the road last double eleven days trumpeted cat home O2O mode compared to this, with the Hangzhou outdoor exhibition platform. se their brands and products to improve their visibility and influence. 2014-12-05 14:19:18 Source: Huizhou Daily Author: Editor: yfs001 So, all these years, then the story of efforts to develop Outdoor Lounge Furniture domestic rattan market, “suppress people’s outdoor furniture prices continued tasting group shot off the electronic version of Shunde News Network All rights reserved ICP No. 05041222 -1 Public Security website for the record number: 4406063012246 office systems have a lothttp://boulevardoutdoorfurniture.com/collections/outdoor-lounges