scanner ween the leads, 237 are Scanners.<BR>19. all back-up copies, and all related materials to ESET or to the place where you obtained the Software. A License Fee for the Software shall be specified based on a price list of the Provider or of its business partners according to the number of c scanneromputer systems for which the Software is designated (the ※License Fee§). darken, image resample, One the other hand, meeting, destroying or returning at your own costs the Software, Throughout the term of the License the End User shall have the right to use the following services: (a) Technical Help.<BR>E-mailThe image filesedium sent via electronic mail downloaded from the Int scannerernet downloaded from servers of the Provider or obtained from other sources under the terms and circumstances discussed below THIS IS NOT A PURCHASE CONTRACT BUT AN AGREEMENT ON THE RIGHTS OF THE END USER The Provider remains the owner of the copy of the Software and of the physical medium if any on which the Software is supplied in commercial packaging as well as of all copies of the Software to which the End User is entitled under this Agreement scannerBy clicking on the button ※YES I accept the Terms of Use§ during the download installation copy or use of the Software you express consent to the provisions and terms hereof If you disagree with any provisions of this Agreement promptly cancel the download or installation or destroy scanneror return the Software installation medium underlying documentation and a purchase receipt to ESET or to the place where you obtained the SoftwareYOU AGREE THAT YOUR USE OF THE SOFTWARE INDICATES THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT YOU UNDERSTAND IT AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ITS PROVISIONS1 Software The Software in this Agreement shall mean (i) the computer program ES scannerET Online Scanner including all its parts (ii) the contents of disks CD-ROM DVD medium e-mail reports and all their attachments if any or other medium to which this Agreement is attached including the Softwar scannere supplied in the form of an object code on a CD-ROM DVD medium or via electronic mail through the Internet (iii) any explaining materials and any documentation related to the Software including without limitation any description of the Software its specification description of properties description of control description of interface in which the Software is used a manual or installation handbook of the Software or any description scannerof the correct use of the Software (the ※Documentation§) (iv) copies of the Software repairs of errors if any of the Software additions to the Software extensions of the Software modified versions of the Software scannernew versions of the Software and all upgrades of Software parts if supplied in respect of which the Provider grants you the License pursuant to Article 4 hereof The Provider shall supply the Softw scannerare only in the form of executable code 2 Forwarding of infiltrations and information to the Provider The Software contains a function which serves to collect samples of new computer viruses or other similar harmful computer programs (the ※Infiltration§) and the subsequent dispatch thereof to the Provider including information about the computer and/or platform on which the Software is ins scannertalled (the ※Information§) The Information may contain data (including personal data) about the End User and/or other users of the computer on which the Software is installed information about the computer andoperating system suspicious files from the computer on which the Software is installed and files affected by the Infiltration and any information about such files The Provider sh scannerall use the obtained Information and the Infiltration only to review the Infiltration and shall take reasonable measures to keep the obtained Information confidential If you accept this Agreement you agree that the Infiltration and the Information may be forwarded to the Provider and at the same time you grant to the Provider consent necessary pursuant to the relevant legal regulations to process the obtained Information3 Installation The Software supplied on a CD-ROM or DVD medium sent via electronic mail downl scanneroaded from the Internet downloaded from servers of the Provider or obtained from other sources shall require installation You must install the Software on a correctly configured computer complying at least with requirements set out in theDocumentation The manner of installation is specified in the Documentation No computer programs or hardware which could unfavorably affect the Software may be scanner installed on the computer on which you install the Software4 License Provided that you have agreed to this Agreement and you pay the License Fee under Article 17 when due and scannerpayable the Provider grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to install the Software on the hard disk of a computer or on a similar medium for permanent storing of data to install and store the Software to the memory of a computer system and to implement store and display t