Loan “April 19 go to the police boss asked Liu Xia, Liu Xia to contact their bank and then go to the Public Security Bureau in Jianhu students transfer records found shot put their own money on the so-called security account has long been understood why people turn away Liu Xia before notifying her husband went to the Public Security Bureau for police assistance Modern Express reporter learned that Liu Xia and Loan”Shanghai police” calls recorded more than 10 sheets of paper full of rough counted from April 10 began nine days time crooks and Liu Xia Call timesKind of ultimate meaning piercing questioning and accused his ex-wife between their marriage tearful attitude suddenly there was a crack of black humor some of his fans are not without hesitation their side deep lyrics touched by his side to him confusion confused about the private life of the middle of the gap seems to Feng Wang dress became increasingly a false image “Will this theory or some people come from the truth that is such a (to write this song) of people he (private life) must only be such t Loanhat the news is not really Moreover, we do not go to explore the emotional experience such as this man has divorced him and he will lead this certainly seems so very strange and often allows us to Those who remember you generally see their whole life will experience these “Wang Feng smiled,” China News We Loanekly “said that he was some confusion on the whole expression of his own musical expression is to say just a part of life which would As has been the case that those who can how to do it, “Wang Feng some frustration on the” China News Weekly “interpretation” was also stated that the headlines say that I planned long-term operation of this kind of work I have behind me to have this wisdom to look back vicissitudes own road to success has accepted him shouting “I hold up bright wingsMore market-oriented and more close to the average population age group being aggressive agitation coerced people together in the rise of th Loane dream in the enthusiastic response of this song and soon it was a surprise but it also makes sense to be selected as the “Shenzhou VI” launching live topic Some people have questioned the song as a rock singer Wa Loanng Feng works so high but also with the “Shenzhou VI” launching this event something to do in order to criticize him for active power of intimacy “This fear sometimes appears briefly in my mind but soon answered I believe that sighted people and listen to my work, he would look at a picture of your album after “fly higher” people will see if the next album has eight song “fly higher” this song you how interpretation is useless, but I do not, ah, “Wa Loanng Feng” China News Weekly “said,” fly higher “after the explosion of red Feng Wang first began to meet, a huge commercial su Loanccess at the time that more people regard him as the true sense an inspirational rock singer Shangju nobody interested and Xianxin to explore his private life when he was only 35 million appearance fee “deposits will have a three hundred thousand,” Wang Feng “China News Weekly” memories of “flying higher “after his appearance fee into a hundred thousand or even one hundred and fifty thousand,” but also changed your life you’re going to Loanspend a lot of money on it enough to make me feel very carefree life with no “Wang Feng to “China News Weekly,” recalls “I w Loanrote that song is trying to tell myself that I can fly higher is the meaning of” friend of Wang Feng, Tangshan Bandstand host Dong Peng, “China News Weekly” said, “has made me feel Wang Feng to the album even now has at least 70 per cent of his daily mapping, thinking, conflict, anxiety, the line of instant enlightenment record “2005’s” full Loanbloom of life “has become a perfect successor for This high-spirited style inherit Wang Feng unconscious “Unless I’m crazy because when I write songs very early to understand the truth when you hold an object of writing songs be lost even if you think you how to write a song dedicated you can be sure you like it public so accurate it, “Wang Feng” China News Weekly “said, but he was finally developed the commercial value of his work on the implicitIn that first masterpiece, “sprin Loang” sings “Remember many years ago in the spring time, I did not cut her hair no credit card and no hot water in the house no 24-hour” This is absolutely true portrayal of his “3000 dollars I have to borrow money to pay house rent, “Wang Feng” China News Weekly, “recalls But then he already had fans that song” Goodnight Beijing “and” bird “is widely blues and music curriculum, Wang Feng apparently despise style and rough underground band finds himself beyond the Loan influence of the older generation can be compared to the lack of musical knowledge base of Chinese rock musician Wang Feng not only clearly know the importance of music audible and not shy away from the initial want to get commercial success, “you treat money and wealth have your attitude and heart, there is the Loan pursuit of wealth is not entirely harmful only better,” Wang Feng “China News Weekly” said, “I just hope I do not be too embarrassed too embarrassed and too much hardship in addition to the mind is a lot of times than the actua Loanl exercise is for you to do is hurt but for most people the ravages of the heart is too big temper because I will find me at that stage the people around him, including myself, to write some songs when they are beginning to complain “that