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important questions. Also this is the time to see if their style and personality will Primary Schools in Singaporework for you.After reading this you probably think these were things you’d go through to hire someone for a job. Well actually that’s exactly Primary Schools in Singaporewhat you’re doing. A golf instructor is an independent consultant and you’re hiring him to do a job… work on your golf swing. So you should perform the due diligence to make sure you get the golf instructor that’s right for you.I would also suggest doing the steps above that are appropriate for selecting a golf school. You want to see if the golf instructors at the golf school are going to be right for you because you don’t want to spend all that money and not be satisfied Primary Schools in Singaporewith the instructor and experience. Golf vacation schools are also a nice option to include the entire family for a week long vacation and golf. Author’s Resource BoxDon Smith is a single dad and avid amateur golfer of over 30+ years. He manages a very informative golf school web site called U.S. Golf Schools. His golf blog To Golf Or Not To Golf is at tgontg.blogspot with golf tips, reviews, etc…5 Tips For Surviving International School Job Fairs Author : Kelly Blackwell Submitted : 2007-11-01 00:00:00Word Count : 696Popularity: 59 Tags: International school, Primary Schools in Singaporeinternational teaching, international school teachers, Primary Schools in Singaporeinternational school vacancies, teaching job fairs, teaching jobs, teaching abroad, teaching overseas, teaching career abroad Author RSS Feed Attending international school job fairs can be a harrowing experience, but are an efficient strategy to incorporate into your hunt for a teaching job abroad. All international teache he nearly gave up and left several times, but didn’t. Which is just as well because the position he currently holds is one that really suits him and he’s enjoying living and working here in Thailand.I approach the sign up session with a Primary Schools in Singaporeplan. I have several copies of my application pack already prepared and spend the time waiting in line talking to the teachers around me to get insider information on schools and positions. What is your plan?Check the international teaching job fair organiser’s website the evening before the sign up session for changes in vacancies. International school vacancies are fluid and can Primary Schools in Singaporechange from day to day, especially once the job fairs start. When you go into the sign up session take with you an up-to-date list of schools with suitable vacancies. This will enable you to line up in the lines that are going to get you the best result.Look at the international schools’ websites prior to attending the sign up session. If possible look at the school’s websites to find out what programs they offer, whether they are in the center of the city or in the suburbs, what extra curricular activities they offer, what accreditations they have. This can assist you in deciding whether they are going to be a suitable employer for you.Take extra copies of your application pack to give to school recruiters. Your application pack is your ticket to getting interviews. If you’re following the strategies I give you in The Complete Guide to Securing a Job at an International School, you should have Primary Schools in Singaporeemailed your application pack to the attending schools that have relevant vacancies prior to the commencement of the job fair. Inaddition to this, take extra copies with you to the job fair, and especially the sign up session, to give to schools that suddenly put up vacancies that interest you.Be prepared to wait in line to talk to the internation is set up a phone or face-to-face interview with the golf instructor. This is where you want to have a list of questions prepared so you don’t forget to edback to re-applicants. If your school provides that service, take advantage of it ASAP. You want to hear the criticism as early as possible so that you have as much time as possible to deal with any defects or weaknesses. Furthermore, some schools only provide feedback during a small window of time. So don delay.4. Evaluate your application. Do your essays and letters of rec (if you have access to them) add to the reader knowledge of you? What could you doask thehey are a vital source of information. Use the time you are standing in line waiting to talk to recruiters to elicit information about different schools, programs and conditions. Ask them all the questions you have because they’re the best source of information you’ll find and while you’re all standing in line, what else can you do? Author’s Resource BoxThese are just 5 tips to surviving international teaching job fairs… You can find 12 more secrets to surviving job fairs on page 27 of The Complete Guide to Securing a Job at an International School.Kelly Blackwell is a veteran international teacher with 11 years expe al school recruiters. When you attend a job fair, remember that a long line could indicate a school where teachers want to work, and vice versa. To help you make the decision about whether you stand in line and wait, go to the front of the line and see if there’s any literature on the table that you can take away and read.Use the time you stand in line to gather information. 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