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“Decoration materials are all ‘Kennedy wild’ knocked up Marina Marina reinforced office renovation singaporeconcrete ring”, office renovation singapore he said, when Shamian street office renovation singaporeworkers have been involved in at the time of white swans build their security checks. According to Zhang Tian introduced, the White Swan architectural design undertaken by the Chinese people, but the interior design, the office renovation singaporeFok Ying Tung insist that America’s famous hotel design company H BA foreign designers do, so the White Swan interior design was the most high-end interior. The closure of the white swan transformation, again with H BA, office renovation singaporeJapan invited American designer finishes. Zhang Tian said that it was because the white swan high specification, hotel operations, and its advanced level and degree of luxury in the country caused a sensation throughout the country’s hotel industry have come to visit. Public information, when to build the White Swan, Fok invested HK $ 50,000,000, HK $ 12.5 million investment Pengguo Zhen, Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau invested 4 office renovation singaporemillion yuan. 1981 White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou Branch of Bank of China also borrowed $ 36,310,000. According to the prevailing exchange rate, the White Swan Hotel construction investment of nearly 180 million yuan. Fok said, do not worry the hotel does not make money, but wore the title of office renovation singaporethe first five-star hotel, from national to local leaders have high hopes, the White Swan is operating only succeed without fail. White Swan built in the year to a profit, then the total settlement obtained when 12.82 million office renovation singaporeyuan net profit. White Swan is a testing ground for national reform and opening to sow the seeds, and later also proved the success of the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, driven by a large number of foreign capital to enter. Followed by the opening of China World Hotel, Garden Hotel and other five-star hotels, so Guangzhou at the time eight five-star hotel in the country accounted for three seats. “It was like a white swan ‘water bridge’, is a symbol of reform and opening up to attract foreign investment,” White Swan older employees Yang Bo told reporters. Over seventy years of Yang Bo in 1982 to join the White Swan Ministry of Energy, is to build the hotel, “the old courtiers,” he impressed me most is “Huo holidays to send Lee is born.” Since the hotel opened built, the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Huosheng will personally come to the White Swan annually, express holiday greetings to each employee, the White Swan has been to retain the traditional benefits of employees. Four wide open break barriers, wear slippers to enter a door built the White Swan Hotel, which requires Fok, hotels must for all customers “four door wide open” – it makes the white swan has become China’s most populist star hotel. “In the past many senior domestic-only hotel guests wear suits, but do not hook the honor at the White Swan, then wear ordinary shoes step on smth. With mud can come in.” White Swan “fans”, with the same age of the people of Guangzhou White Swan Ms Leung impressed me most, is the hospitality of the White Swan, regardless of class. “For (the year) grassroots people, the five-star hotel from which they live very far away, but the White Swan Hotel brave break social office renovation singaporebarriers, toAlthough that year the White Swan Hotel managers have to “four door wide open” to bring the loss repeatedly advice, but Fok insisted, “you say good reform and opening up, opening what, a look (White Swan) on I know. “White Swan has thus become the first mainland to allow non-residents to visit and tour of luxury hotels. Chen Yang deep feelings, the White Swan on office renovation singaporegrass-roots people “open”, highlighting the qualities of the city of Guangzhou civilians and willing to share the spirit, “to share with the public the results of grassroots social development, to build trust in the open, which is this hotel in Guangzhou spiritual civilization construction of a city contribution. ” “Environment created man into such a clean place, it naturally becomes highly office renovation singaporequalified” Luozhao Xiang also found that the average person into a white swan visit, are generally not spitting phlegm or talk loudly. Zhang Tian said, “Four wide open” deeper meaning, is the symbol of Guangzhou has become China’s first open cities, merchants welcome the world to witness China’s reform and opening up. In the White Swan, ordinary citizens see the life change brought about by reform and opening up, foreign guests will see the progress of Chinese society. office renovation singaporeCollective memories of tea, “straight”, a drink that is ten Ji whether you are not Guangzhou, visited the White Swan each person, all it is full of emotion. It is one of the Guangzhou people’s collective memory. Under the reform and opening of China’s first batch of Guangzhou has been the birth of self-employed office renovation singaporeand a million households, Lin deposit (a pseudonym) is one of them. The early 1990s, he and his wife married selection from the White Swan River restaurants do Western-style buffet wedding, “I’m ahead of it, Guangzhou rarely wedding, only white swans can provide the venue.” Lin deposit on behalf of the early years Guangzhou people get rich first, “was in the luxury hotels feast is a status symbol.” With the Guangzhou people’s lives get better, out of luxury hotels is not only the “big grain guy” and “money man” of the patent. “Listen to Mama, when I was holding the newborn to the White Swan tea”, who lives in the West off of public M ini Guangzhou and many others, went to the White Swan tea has become a lifestyle, and a drink isars.