highly mature market for video surveillance with industry experts estimating that the surveillanceUnited Kingdom is the most monitored country on earth. Access control and surveillance devices have registered record growths across Italy and Spain as well. surveillance”Replacement opportunities provide for almost 40 percent of the market and have the run-off effect of providing the huge funds required for R&D by the surveillanceindustry,” says the analyst. “Surprisingly, Asia leads the United States in terms of penetration of surveillance and monitoring systems, primarily because the surveillancemarkets directly incorporate network infrastructure in buildings and other infrastructural projects.” This research service titled World Video Surveillance Market – Investment Analysis provides the Growth Monitor, Asset Management Scorecard, Segment Analysis, and Investment Themes. In this research, expert analysts thoroughly examine the video surveillance software market as well as the hardware market which comprises cameras, encoders, and storage devices. Author’s Resource BoxDavid ZHENG is the CEO of . A company specialized in selling all kinds of alarms such as burglar alarm,intruder alarm etc.What’s Going On In Your Workplace Online?   Author : Buzz Scott Submitted : 2007-02-19 00:00:00    Word Count : 425    Popularity:   44 Tags:   business, office, monitoriong, employee   Author RSS Feed Companies today that use the Internet have a whole new set of issues to concern themselves with. Many surveillanceemployees use the Internet to communicate with customers or need to perform their tasks online or with research from online sources. Providing these tools to your workforce may be necessary to help you do business.  Opening up the Internet to staff members can also create the potential for problems. Employees may use company resources to chat, do their personal errands, and communicate with their friends and so on. They may be forwarding jokes or receiving in Spam that can plague your network with unnecessary tasks. Opening the network to staff members may also create serious holes in your security and allow spammers and hackers direct access into your network. You need to fight proactively to ensure that your secrets and important data remain safe.  Not only do you need to protect your servers with Antivirus, firewalls and other security measures but you may also need to monitor the activities of each user or node within the network. You can do this with surveillance software that will report to you many pieces of important data. For a test run, you can download the evaluation copy of programs.   This program can run discreetly to tell you what your users are doing on the network. This can tell you who is productive and who is not. You can retrieve e-mails, websites visited, time logs for computer based activities and more. This can help you reward top performers and weed out the slackers. This can give you a bird’s eye view into your employees’ behavior patterns when they don’t know you are looking. When the management is away, the staff members will often play. When you are out of the surveillanceoffice, you want to know if your employees remain productive. When you set policies and procedures you may want to know for a fact that they are being followed. If you allow your employees a reasonable amount of latitude with respect surveillanceto using the Internet, you may find it necessary to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of.  Companies today more than ever need to be proactive with their employees. With shrinking profit margins and accelerating business expenses, using an inexpensive program to find out where your resources surveillanceare spent and who is providing you with the best return on your investment could save you considerably. Author’s Resource BoxTotal Innovations, Inc. specializes in software programs designed to solve computer users needs. The Email Spy computer monitoring software , & are a few of the most recent. See full details at: http://www.emailspy.comWireless Home Security Sytems Offer Amazing Freedom And Function   Author : Sam Ellis Submitted : 2007-06-30 00:00:00    Word Count : 585    Popularity:   47 Tags:   wireless home security system, home security, home security ratings, home safety systems, home security alarm systems, Home, home improvement, home security   Author RSS Feed Home security services come in all different kinds of packages and devices and it can be hard to decide whether to use a wireless home security system, a hardwired, or any of the other products that are lingering out there in the protection world. Today’s customer is considering the best home security to be the wireless home security system, but it would be wise to know that these systems include a cluster of items that you may be able to purchase separately and still keep your home secure.  The wireless home security system is primarily chosen because of its neat appearance and lack of wires. It