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catwalks.  British Style Genius – step away from Gok’s Fashion Fix, with its interior design company singaporehaphazard haberdashery, in favour of this new BBC2 series, interior design company singaporeairing mid-September, which explores what makes British fashion so distinctive. Stellar contributions will come from, among others, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.  Bad girls – at Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesqui?re’s sci-fi take on film noir was inspired by the French interior design company singaporeactress Simone Signoret in Les Diaboliques; and John Galliano’s muse at Christian Dior was the husky voiced seductress Mrs Robinson, interior design company singaporeas played by Anne Bancroft in The Graduate.  Costumes – cinematic sources of inspiration include Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, which showcases neat 1930s glamour, with perfectly set curls, red lips and interior design company singaporehaute-couture suits, and Brideshead Revisited, with Louise Brooks-style bobs, drop-waisted dresses, and men in three-piece suits. Just leave the interior design company singaporeteddy bear at home.  Comme des Gar?ons and H&M – the hottest collaboration of the year (and the t of sight when company arrives.   Do not discuss the content of your home with anyone outside of your family. Never open your door to a stranger. Keep personal areas off limits to visitors. interior design company singaporeNever give the keys to your home to a stranger. Never have your name and address imprinted on a key. Always keep your drapes drawn at night. Pin” the track of a sliding door by putting a screw into the upper track, protruding about a quarter-inch.   Secure conventional windows inexpensively by inserting a nail in a hole drilled through the interior frame and partially into the exterior frame. Put a keyed padlock on the garage roller track. Park your car in the driveway, not in the garage. Make sure that exterior lights are mounted out of reach, so that burglars can not easily unscrew bulbs.   Consider buying motion-sensitive lights. Use a variable light timer to activate lights inside your home. Use a variable light timer to activate lights inside your home. Get a dog even a small dog will do. Case your home the way a burglar would. Be sure valuables such as guns, electronic devices and artwork are not visible from the street. Be sure to lock up ladders and tools, which could be used to break into your home. Placing additional locks on all windows and patio doors.   Never leave a message on your telephone answhardest to second-guess).  Costume jewellery – from Art Deco necklaces in industrial-looking metals at Lanvin, to lozenge-shaped beads at Burberry, it’s basically a case of the chunkier and bolder the better. If you can barely lift your neck/wrist due to the weight, you have probably captured the look perfectly.  Decorum – when even flesh-flashers Cavalli and D&G shun the big reveal, it’s time to cover up. Prada’s high-neer” image with lattice-cut leather versions at Prada, swimming caps appeared at Miu Miu, models at Louis Vuitton wore curled black hats that looked like leather shavings and there were feathers galore at Galliano (below, left). Hat maestro interior design company singaporeStephen Jones was the man behind both the silver toppers at the Comme des Gar?ons menswear show, and the coloured stetsons at Dior.  Ink – some might say it’s just another word for midnight-blue, or navy, or blue/black. Either way, it’s the word and the colour du jour. More flattering than black, and much fresher for evening.  Jackets – for a more low-key, relaxed look and fit, go for oversized, boyfriend or double-breasted styles.  Kohl – more is more when it comes interior design company singaporeto creating some gothic drama in the eyes department.  Lace – find the femme fatale’s fabric of choice on dresses, blouses, bags, tights and even shoes. A word of warning: cheap lace may make you look like a Cher impersonator.  Matina Amanita jewellery – the Thai designer’s collection of rings made from gold-plated silvere/ place of this small skirt-like flounce in the interior design company singaporearchitectural feel on the futuristic black dresses at Balenciaga. The peplum also popped up at Prada, and at Bottega Veneta at the base of some jackets.  Paisley – a key component of the new uptown-hippie look and a big menswear trend. Check out Oasis’s collection of piec -toe tartan actually be interior design company singaporecheck-lover Henry Holland’s secret muse? Oh, and Charlie Chaplin – note the bowler hats at Chanel, tailoring everywhere, and the fake moustache-as-bizarre-fashion-accessory that was spotted at this summer’s festivals. interior design company singaporeExpect to see canes for spring-summer 2009.  Ribbons and bows – the catwalks were aflutter with more ribbons than a gymkhana pony dancing around a maypole. Luella adorned both bags and models’ hair with trailing ribbons, while Lanvin featured giant costume jewels on ribbons as pendants.  Satchels – look! Hands free! The giant bag, aka the osteopath’s b?te noire, makes way for a more laid-back, Seventies alternative, such as Luella’s version (£1,500, 020-7518 1830 left).  Trousers – be they of the peg, banana, or seven-eighths variety. But if you’re worried that the cropped, voluminous style will give you the silhouette of a turnip, th