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There are baskets that contain sauces and food items that are suited for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, while others contain chocolates and Easter eggs. In other words, most baskets are tailor made for the season, and while michael jordan sneaker collectionthey may make an ever burning flame at the base of a list of all of those who gave their lives for the sake of the revolution.  Iglesia de La Merced  The ‘Church of Mercy’ is a famously beautiful building, and one that michael jordan sneaker collectionlingers in the memories of all who wander past its ornate architecture on their Havana holidays. Dating back to 1637, it was originally michael jordan sneaker collectionfounded by an order known as the ‘Monks of Mercy’. It was a task that continued for many generations, the final touches to the interior being applied by the Pauline Fathers in 1867. Famous Cuban artists whose work can be seen in the frescoes and decorations include Esteban Chartrand, Juan Crossa and Aurelio Melero. The major festival held in this church is the ‘Day of Mercies’ which occurs on the 24th of September. On this date the church is filled with followers of many religions, dressed all in white, and a service is held.  San Carlos de La Caba?a  Every day at 9pm a canon is fired from the fortress of San Carlos, a ceremony that can be heard in many of the luxury hotels in Cuba’s capital! Built in the second half of the 18th century, San Carlos de la Caba?a remains one of the largest colonial fortresses in the Americans. It boasts quite a fearsome history, with a number of rebels, including the poet Juan Clemente Zenea, having been executed within its walls. It has spent most of its life as a military prison, until after the revolution, at which point it was used as Ernesto Guevara’s headquarters. The structure itself is an impressive sight and the interior contains a remarkable museum of colonial weaponry.  Las Manos  The Manos ( Hands ) Art Gallery sells a variety of crafts and artworks made by the locals of Havana and Cuba in general. Many of the objects on sale are inspired by the island s Afro Cuban culture, and make fantastic souvenirs to remind you of your Cuba holidays. Among the items on offer are cigar cases, African style masks, and leather goods such as handbags, jackets and hats. Prices range from modest to extravagant, to accommodate any taste or mood!  Estadio Latinoamericano  If you haven’t heard so before, you may be surprised to learn that baseball is Cuba’s national sport. For this reason the Latin American Stadium is an intricate complex of world class facilities that can house up to 55,000 michael jordan sneaker collectionexcited fans. There are even coffee shops and conference rooms to house the heated post match discussion… The National League lasts for six months and encompasses over 90 games. Players who excel in these games may be selected for international and Olympic duty, a great honour for any sportsman. You can often organise tickets through your hotel or travel agency and michael jordan sneaker collectionwe’d recommend doing so, it may turn out to be the highlight of you Havana holiday! Author’s Resource BoxRob Santry is a Cuba holiday specialist for key2holidays, an online tour operator offering Cuba holidays (http://www.key2holidays.co.uk/cuba/), as well as trips to Australia, the Caribbean, Italy, Egypt, the Far East, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Dubai and the Arabian Gulf michael jordan sneaker collectionand South Africy is home at least four or five houses away.  Several obvious things a burglar will notice are always closing the drapes ONLY when you’re not home. Having no garbage cans out collection day, or an empty can sitting at the curb are obvious tip-offs you are not home. So are closing up the house as tight as a drum in the hot summer months without the air-conditioner running. Turning on a certain light or two and every other room is in total darkness. michael jordan sneaker collectionThe same goes for picking up all the children’s toys, taking in the dog, shutting the garage door if you frequently leave it open, and turning off the lawn sprinkler.  Many people before leaving turn on a so called burglar light which is the light over the kitchen sink. You might as well hang a sign on michael jordan sneaker collectionthe front door you are not home! If you use an answering machine never leave a message that you are not home. Instead say you can not come to the phone right now or leave a message. If you do not have a machine, turn down the volume on your telephones before leaving so it can not be michael jordan sneaker collectionheard from outside which another dead giveaway indicating nobody is home.  2. Use Burglar Repellents  Crime officials will tell you its true! A dog is one of the best burglar deterrents. Not because it’s vicious, but it is heard. A dog with a menacing bark will scare away a lot of burglars, not only because they don’t know what kind of dog you have and what risk it would be to them if try tried to break in, but more likely because a noisy dog will create a disturbance and get attention – the last thing a burglar wants!  If you don’t have a dog there’s nothing stopping you from pretending. A Beware of Dog sign on your fence, a dog house in the back yard, even a loose dog chain or bowl can drive away a potential burglar. Companies that provide electronic dogs who bark none stop if an intruder trips a relay or otherwise signals his presence are effective also as long they are of good quality.  Other electrhttp://mj23.shopdada.com/