rmal cell-phone & a spy counterpart- these two have got totally same external surveillance look, what’s extra in the later is a hidden spy-software which convert the normal phone into a spy phone. Almost anyone can be a cell phone spy, as there are surveillance a number of devices that allow anyone to listen in (easier for many mobile phones having GPS tracking devices). So why you are waiting for , be a cell surveillance phone spy today & get chance to know what others are doing secretly; thanks to the advanced technology of Endocustica Electronics. (Click here to view some of our latest models of spy phones).  Need of SPY PHONE- ?     For surveillance Government uses This is a very essential device for Government offices, especially in Intelligence wings. We are offering a lot of varieties to meet every type of surveillance requirements for govt. sectors. We are also offering 24 hours instant support to our every client. After all National Security is our highest priority.(Ref.-how a SPY-PHONE works, below) ?   For keeping track of teen agers. surveillance With SPY PHONE device you can easily convert your normal phone into a SPY-PHONE and gift it to your teen, by which you can keep track of them no matter surveillance where they are. Staying at home, you can know where you teen are going and what are they doing outside. You can also know whether they are in a study group or are studying when you are on a tour. (Ref.-how a SPY-PHONE works, below) ?        For family uses Using a SPY-PHONE you can easily know what’s going on in your family when you are away. Isn’t it really help ful, mainly at an emergency time.(Ref.-how a SPY-PHONE works, below) ?       In bisiness sectors In your company with the help of SPY-PHONE you can secretly know your employees efficiency, their commitment and whether they are not cheating the company. (Ref.-how a SPY-PHONE works, below) ?       All other type of Surveillance. All the above examples are just a few out of thousand uses of a SPY- PHONE. Our new ranges of SPY-PHONES works like wonders giving you total satisfaction. For your all kind of surveillance needs we are ready to serve with smile.  How a spy phone works- SPY PHONE is a normal GSM phone, with an improved inbuilt microphone (secretly fitted) which can be initiated by sending a call from a predefinite number. To spy someone /want to hear all the sound around the spy-phone, you would just have to dial from the number which is pre-programmed in to spy phone to secretly trigger the amplified microphone. The difference is the phone won’t ring/vibrate or show blink. And without the knowledge of anybody around the phone, it gets activated automatically and you can hear all the happenings around the phone. And if any body carries that spy phone you can know about his/her plan- where ever he/she is going and what he/she is doing.  You can leave your spy-phone in a room or leave that for charging and later from outside you can know what’s happening in that room. So go ahead and be a Mobile Phone Spy. Sounds really interesting, isn’t it? Why an ENDOACUSTICA spy phone- There are many reasons for you to choose only from ENDOACUSTICA ranges of SPY-PHONES. Some of them are- o      We are the market-leader in spy- devices offering BEST-QUALITY spy devices. o        We can only surveillance offer you spy-devices with never-before prices, ITS OUR GUARANTEE. You can’t find these devices at lower price than us. o     We have all the new, exiting ranges Phone models to give you a style statement. o   We offer software with functions which you cannot find anywhere else, as the “dead phone function”, which allow the listener to eavesdrop the target even when the SPYPHONEts notices for products consumed by humans?o there’s a further complication for biologically engineered products. They may be subject to these two departments as well as the surveillance Environmental Protection Agency, and this structural weakness probably doesn’t make for excellent communication. One could argue that GMO labeling is only a minor issue in the U.S. and that the average citizen isn’t too concernedsstep, such as a genetically engineered product that results in widespread sickness, will create distrust of the FDA and bioengineering in general.  Europe’s vigorous surveillance standards regarding approval, track-back, and isolation for GMO crops may be driving North America out of the market. Agricultural specialists like Dan McGuire are questioning if GMO crops are really to their economic advantage.  “I can’t recall any foreign or domestic corn customer ever requesting that U.S. farmers start planting and supplying genetically engineered corn. So the introduction of surveillance GMOs was not a response to importers or consumers requesting such a change. Indeed, it’s a direct result of biotech companies introducing those products into the domestic and foreign market without market research on consumer acceptance. Indeed, the first I heard about GMOs was from European importers,” said McGuire.  Leaders in the biotechnology industry need to be activists for their products條abeling their products will bring them one step closer to informing the public and leading us into