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Today, wants to share with you four very popular nail colors nail central. Before the little fairy gave a message to nail central, saying that I don’t know what color to choose, I’ll take a look at what the color of the fashion is doing. Let’s go! 2019 has already been unveiled nail central, and nail art will bring us more surprises. Many girls have put on new nail art, and hope to bring good color to the new year. Xiaobian was in the process of organizing pictures nail central, and found that these color nails have been loved by many girls. It is a new year manicure that many women are doing. Hurry and have a look nail central! Purple manicure is the first manicure of the New Year chosen by many girls nail central. Purple also has a good meaning, indicating a new year of purple, and purple has a very fashionable temperament, unlike red, purple looks like It’s sexy and small, and it doesn’t look too colorful, making your fingertips look extraordinarily elegant. In particular, some of the lighter purples will look more gentle and attractive, making the fingertips extraordinarily gentle. The plaid nails created with this purple color are elegant and fashionable, which is very pleasing! In addition to the romantic purple manicure, elegant bean color, is also very popular nail color, bean color will be darker than pink, with a lovely pink temperament, it will not look very exaggerated, it will be more temperament than pink, with Some of the bare-skinned smudges are particularly beautiful. On the nail art of the bean paste, adding a layer of frosted seal will make it more fashionable, better display the texture of the bean paste powder, make the fingertips look extraordinarily fashionable, and the bean paste color also has a good whitening effect. There is no need to worry about the skin color problem. The color-changing nail art made with the bean paste and the nude color nails will look very temperament. On the nude side, plus the delicate diamond jewelry, it will look more refined. More fascinating girlish style, but also with plaid style, will have a fresh and fashionable temperament. Bean paste color is a very versatile color, which can be used as the main color of the fingertips, or as a color matching of other colors, which makes the fingertips extraordinarily elegant. The bean paste color can also add some color to the fingertips, and it will not be very abrupt. a feeling of. In winter, many girls choose to do some warm-colored manicures, which can add a little warmth to the fingertips. The simple and very temperate caramel color is typical of this. The caramel color has a brown fashion sense. It also has a bright visual effect, making your fingertips perfect! It’s also a bright spot that will make your entire look more stylish! Some translucent textures of caramel-colored nail polish can create a clear effect. It looks like caramel, and it has a sweet temperament. It is very pleasing!