Xi Jinping’s important exposition on poverty alleviation nail central

She stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on poverty alleviation nail central, not forgetting the initial heart nail central, keeping in mind the mission, using the heart and effort to do a good job in helping the poor women to help the work, entering the countryside, going to the base, entering the farm nail central, and the poor women. Lajiachang, counted income, and motivated, looked at the living environment of poor women in detail, listened carefully to their difficulties and needs in employment poverty alleviation, health care nail central, education and training, and learned about the situation in which the establishment of new economic organizations for women’s federations helped the poor. Comrades in the leaps and bounds of the Women’s Federation should maximize the mobilization of grassroots female talents and female leaders nail central, and turn the leaders into women’s poverty-stricken people. They ask “two cancers” to check and do not do it. In school, there are some ways to get rid of poverty. Shen Yueyue encouraged Wang Suiju to live a good life with hard-working hands nail central. The village women’s federation cadres must thoroughly understand the policies and help the party committee and government to truly put the Huimin policy on every poor woman. Shen Yueyue and his entourage went into the poverty alleviation workshop of the Shepherd, the professional cooperative of the farmer of the cattle breeding, the Shanshui Farm of Qianjin Village, and the “Women’s Family Supermarket” of Liqiaoshan Village. She stressed that it is necessary to find out the bottom, understand the facts, and expand the special industries suitable for women. The poverty alleviation workshops must be integrated into one, so that more women can get out of poverty on the spot, and they must continue to support and promote wisdom and stimulate women’s endogenous motivation. The county and village women’s federations and women’s representatives, the National Women’s Federation and the cadres help the cadres to study together by the end of 2019 to ensure that the county will pick up the caps as scheduled. Shen Yueyue listened carefully and intervened from time to time. Adhere to the goal-leading and problem-oriented unity, and strive to overcome difficulties, change the style of work, implement responsibilities, ensure that poverty alleviation work is pragmatic, the process of poverty alleviation is solid, and the results of poverty alleviation are real. The All-China Women’s Federation should increase its assistance and work in the poverty alleviation workshops in the village. It has a monthly income of more than 2,000 yuan. It is seen that women’s income has increased, their lives have improved, their attitudes have changed, their families have become beautiful, and a poor woman has not been left behind. . During the investigation, the whole park is centered on water, surrounded by mountains and rivers. The halls are exquisite, the flowers and trees are lush, and it has the characteristics of Jiangnan water town. Known for its exquisite architectural layout and numerous strange stones, it has the praise of “not to be out of the city and the interest of the forest”. The rockery and house area account for about three-quarters of the whole park. The building is unique and full of poetry and painting. The whole garden is compact and natural, combined with plant embellishments, showing a clear and quiet feeling.