In the past three years Taiwan Taipei hotel

In the past three years Taiwan Taipei hotel, the DPP’s support has declined at a rapid rate, breaking the island’s record. Under Tsai Ing-wen’s main event, the DPP has mainly “made up” three things: the Taiwan authorities have no sorrow, and they have always claimed that governance is impeccable. Everything is the fault of others Taiwan Taipei hotel. In the three years since the ruthless destruction of cross-strait relations Taiwan Taipei hotel, the policies, image, and people of the DPP and Taiwan authorities, Tsai Ing-wen, have collapsed and entered the track of peaceful development. The “92 Consensus” that reflects the one-China principle is the political foundation. In the first two years after taking office, the cross-strait solution of Tsai Ing-wen’s authorities was in a word of “congestion”. The amendments to the law have blocked the signing of agreements between the two sides of the strait, prohibiting people on the island from negotiating with the mainland Taiwan Taipei hotel, and even the young people on the island to the mainland are fined as community assistants Taiwan Taipei hotel. After the United States launched a trade war against the mainland, this is not surprising. Taiwan’s economic interests and future benefits are tied to cross-strait relations Taiwan Taipei hotel. Cross-strait relations are not good, and all aspects of Taiwan are affected. However, the tourism industry on the island has inevitably become a victim of the DPP’s cross-strait policy. Only because the mainland people are disgusted with the DPP, the number of tourists to Taiwan has once fallen sharply. The Taiwanese authorities’ “new tourism south” policy, because of the violation of the law, the fate of the fish, the pie painting is quite humanistic, but the added value of most industries in Taiwan is inherently low, “a case of a break” is destined to waste, and finally the enterprise The main profit is reduced, the workers can’t make money without overtime work, and even the prices are following the rising “three loses” situation. To put it bluntly is to turn the trick for the opposite, deceiving and deceiving. The only “effective” work of the DPP is “political liquidation.” Fighting the Kuomintang, fighting the faction, fighting the military, fighting the blue media, Taiwan military officials protested the DPP administration’s disorder. Our reporter Wu Yaming took photos on May 20th, the third anniversary of the Democratic Progressive Party. Cracking up cross-strait relations, tearing apart the ethnic groups on the island and suffocating the Taiwan economy. Only because the Tsai Ing-wen authorities did not recognize the “1992 Consensus”, the “status quo” has changed since the beginning. From 2008 to 2016, cross-strait relations took a historic turning point. Tsai Ing-wen refused to answer the mainland’s question about the fundamental nature of cross-strait relations. The Taiwan authorities have even tried to restrict Taiwan’s retired government officials from going to the land. The DPP authorities are willing to act as foreign chess pieces. Ordering to ban the purchase of mainland raw materials and electronic products, “the weight of the ocean” has intensified. Such a madness can’t stop the domino effect of the island’s tour bus stopping and the hotel going out of business. Another major policy of the Taiwan authorities, “an example of a break” is also a populist orientation.