In order to go to Disney, Bieber, who was in his early tens, sold art at the door of a small theater in his hometown eternity ring.

In order to go to Disney, Bieber, who was in his early tens, sold art at the door of a small theater in his hometown eternity ring. In a hometown that is not rich, he could earn $ 200 in travel expenses. Opposite the small theater is a small apartment building, as long as Bieber is here, even in the hot eternity ring summer, the residents of the apartment building will open the window and listen to the 10-year-old kid singing with his guitar opposite. At the end of 2007, Bieber’s mother uploaded a video of his cover song on the tubing, and the traffic soared like crazy. Even Arthur kid noticed the boy. The next story is-“My talent made me rise quickly within two years, and was suddenly taken eternity ring to heaven, from a 13-year-old town boy to an idol for millions of people around the world, loved by people , Praised by people. “No magic in Disney’s fairy tales is eternity ring needed. You have face, talent, and a good voice. You also come across this era that is good at creating overnight superstars. Everything is logical. Bieber released his first solo album “My World” in 2009, which sold more than one million, creating the highest sales of the 2009 male artist’s first album. He also became eternity ring the youngest male to win the US album chart champion. singer. On November 21st, he won four awards at the National Music Awards. He became the youngest “artist of the year” in the history of the award. By Easter of this year, he received an invitation from President Obama to sing at the White House. But this is just the beginning. The following year, Bieber released his second album. His most popular eternity ring song so far in China began to play unlimitedly in the world-“Baby”. From this he rushed out of the United States and became popular all over the world. ‘S teenage superstar, “Baby” has the highest number of video views in the world, and his Twitter fans quickly surpassed Lady Gaga, and “People” magazine named him the richest young artist in Hollywood. In less than 2 years, Bieber from Nobody became a hot new king. At the time, he was only 16 years old, but he was able to stand in Madison Square Garden in the United States (singing tickets sold out in 22 minutes), singing loudly to 20,000 people, watching countless eyes glowing Looking at himself and cheering him crazy. At that time, he was the most popular high-quality idol in the world. Countless little sisters wearing braces loved Bieber together, firmly believed that he would be Bieber ’s wife and love him. music Everything which also includes his later wife Hayley “celebrity worship,” the author says of him:. “Most underage boys can not wait to become a rock youth, friends Kefan children, disheveled, smoking and drinking. Bieber is very clean in many ways and has no bad habits. Unlike the bad guys, he can give people a sense of security.