Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)

Through these typical APT Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)attack case, we can see, APT attack, there are some common features, is subtle and strong, with clear targets and digging through regardless of cost / purchase 0day vulnerability and penetration combined in various ways, orientation diffusion on the target machine for long-term sustainability of the attack. Stories from the attack at the sam Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)e time we also find, APT is currently in its heyday, according to the Ponemon Institute entitled “Situation advanced persistent attacks,” the report shows that in the past 12 months, companies suffered an average of nine Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)Such targeted attacks. hallenges including APT attacks (advanced persistent threats), including the next generation of security threats, the follow-up will introduce more corporate-oriented APT cloud defense, threat intelligence system and other products and services. APT has become a threat to the high, hard defense, APT attacks against large attacks (advanced persistent threats, English name: Advanced Persistent Threat) in the form of lalso based on dynamic taint propagation of vulnerability mining technology patent inventors, and with members of the security focus of “netw Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)ork penetration technology,” a book. Combining Cloud Computing and Big Data revolution brought the s the network caused by the attack Fortune 500 CEO to step down, was previously never h Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)eard of, and now a large network of conceivable destructive attacks.” • Alex Thutect against network attacks, and also to assist SMEs to prevent extortion software caused the core digital assets damage. . “” In order to prevent network attacks, WatchGuard’s defense-in-depth layers arranged positions of “close to 88 percent of defense against APT attacks. APT Talent defense system through collaboration with Talent defense NGFW products, to Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)build border security, control channel security and integration ZeroDay security protection system, provide users with more comprehensive security. These particular codes are protection or protectio Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)n system does not know, it is unknown threats. In Internet + background, against unknown attacks become a major challenge facing the whole of society. Hanhaecome part of Ali cloud” / had shocked the whole cones of Iran “shock web” event is a typical APT attack, “shock web” (Stuxnet) using a plurality of worm maker 0DAY vulnerabilities with intelligence gathering, social engineering and finally the PLC us software has become a standard enterprise-level users, but the APT attackers and extortion software maker also mastered the corresponding Stealth technology, theft, lock, sell, distribute core secrets Archives high frequency of occurrence of serious incidents. In addition, the use of single or unable to integrate the management of network ly, but also strife between non-shareholders, but because hackers. “” SRC Noel Biderman things thou • originated in mid-July 2015, when a hacker attack Rueshenli Madison, and on the part of the user data is made public, triggering a number of family turmoil, Even users consequent suicide. Hackers also threatened, unless the site is permanently closed, otherwise will continue to gradually open their hands hold ent technology, a reliable system of defense in depth. “and technical methods are equally important is user education. For example, the well-known “Nigerian Prince” to defraud in North America has been going Ji ten years, deceived will receive information indicating a large number of members of the royal estate can be inherited, to pay a su & D investment. “Shaw, senior director of Alibaba force security ministry said Hanhai source team has full integration to Alibaba security system for cloud computing users more comprehensive security protection. To build a more secure Internet. Earlier, Ali cloud computing provides customers with cloud shield protection, including anti-DDos attack, penetration testing services, vulnerability analysis, application firewall, cloud server security, Ali Green Net and cloud monitoring and other services. We have been with the whole cones leading cloud computing security protection. Ali clouinhttp://www.trendmicro.co.th/th/enterprise/challenges/advance-targeted-attacks/