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attention to their own answers cosmetic product development confidential. Why are standards of beauty being imposed on women, the majority of whom are naturally larger and more mature than any of the models? The roots, some analysts say, are economic. By presenting an ideal difficult to achieve and maintain, the cosmetic and diet product industries are assured of growth and profits。And it’s no accident that youth is increasinglf bowel. A real woman built that way would suffer from chronic diarrhea。characters in TV situation comedies are underweight, and only one in twenty are above average in size. cosmetic product development Heavier actresses tend to receive negative comments from male characters about their bodies (“Howom the runway in 2006. Furthermore Spain has recently unFurthermore Spain h is the representation of ethnically diverse women in the media. A 2008 study conducted by Juanita Covert and Travis Dixon titled “A Changing View: Representation and Effects of the Portrayal of Women of Color in Mainstream Women’s Magazines” found that although there was an increase in the representation of women of colour, overall white women were overrepresented in mainstream women’s magazines from 199cosmetic product development 9 to 2004. Self-Improvement or Self-Destruction?  The barrage of messages about thinness, dieting and beauty tells “ordinary” wominvigilators answer sheet 1, candidates to complete the rest of the questions on the answer sheet 2. All answer time is 125 minutes, without delay time. Five candidates must answer on the answer sheet, all written in the book answers the questions will be invalid. Six multiple-choice questions can only choose one answer for each question; such as multiple choice, the question no points. Once you have selected the answer, with the concentration of HB-2B pencil to draw a horizontal line in the middle of the corresponding letter. The correct way is: [A] [B] [C] [D]. Using other symbols respondents do not give points. Scribe to have a certain roughness, concentration overshadowed letters background. Seven, if you want to change the mpete with them for male attention. This focus on beauty and desirability “effectively destroys any awareness and action that might help to change that climate . “NOTE: This portion of the exam on your answer sheet 1 answer. 1. Women’s magazines are full of articles to urge women to _________cosmetic product development __. A) eat less sweet food C) marry a rich husband B) lose weight D) have at least two kids2. The cosmetic and diet product industries gain profits by ____________. A ) exaggerating the goodness about their products B) targeting at children and femalesC) presenting an ideal image difficult to achieveD) distributing free samples from home to home3. Canadian 10 years old own at least one Barbie doll.Still, the number of real life women and girlcosmetic product development s who seek a similarly underweight body is epidemic, and they can suffer equally devastating health consequences. In 2006 it was estimated that up to 450, 000 Canadian women were affected by an eating disorder.The Culture of ThinnessResearchers report that women’s magazines have ten and one-half times more ads and articles promoting weight loss than men’s magazines do, and over three-quarters of the covers of women’s magazines include at least one message about how to change a woman’s bodily appearance—by diet, exercise or cosmetic surgery.Television and movies reinforce the impored audience laughter.There have been efforts in the magazine industry to buck the trend. For several years the Quebec magazine Coup de Pouce has consistently included full-sized women in their fashion pages and Cducation and Research Foundation (ASERF), co-sponsor of Hot Topics with the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS).   “Some of these techniques and devices have been in use outside the United States and may be bentcann