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nce division professional corporate Trainingscomprehensive review paper topic (1) Vocational Instructor Thesis (optionally a title) ① On How do school leavers unemployed college graduates of vocational guidance ② how to make employment of disadvantaged groups of vocational guidance On how to develop enterprises employing ③ ④ guide on How to promote the development of vocational guidance ⑤ College of how well the special groups (such as people with disabilities, retired athletes, etc.) ⑥ of vocational guidance on how to achieve a higher quality of career guidance ⑦ typical vocational guidance case writing career guidance ⑧ new technologies, new methods or new tDivision to exercise control. (2) Advantages: Division join forces to develop new products, easy to form a fcorporate Trainingsist advantage; greatly enhance the company’s flexibility and adaptability; general manager of the company can concentrate on major decisions; help top leadership outstanding training successors . (3) Disadvantages: Increased levels of management, increase horizontal and verticcorporate Trainingsal coordination and communication workload, reducing the efficiency of decision-making and implementation; increase in administrative personnel and management costs. (4) Conditions: huge scale enterprises; product categories, and can form high-volume production; business areas and markets covered a very wide distribution; Division established a lot; supreme leader is deeply appropriate centralization of need, or can not coordinate, corporate Trainingscontrol this grenditions D. investigation and solve the wage gap reference Answer: D Reference Analysis: Labor Law supervision and inspection system for effective implementation of labor laws, protect the legitimate rights and interests of laborers, carry out supervision and inspection, correction, the main activities of the situation punishment employers and other relevant units to comply with labor laws, supervision and inspection purposes, supervision and inspection of the object, the supervision and inspection of theessment for the implementation of efficiency programs, objectively and impartially evaluate employee , three goals to achieve effective management of the product is important. Product efficiency programs work in practice is not specific for effective adjustment, revision, implementation and completion of the lack of timely information on these work effectively organize, record, and accumulate behind the product efficacy evaluation work will come “Just one critic,” the old path, failure of the entire product effective management and appraisal systems often it is inevitable. Do these three points, it is effective monitoring process to ensure product efficiency and ensure effective management of the entire product key to success. 8 [short answer] product ew of expercorporate Trainingsience, combined with the unit as well as the purpose of the evaluation to determine. (6) brainstorming. Brainstorming is one of the most prestigious promote creativity techniques. 9 [multiple choice] Step organizational functions of the design, funlong time player in the unit of preparation, the game was to show their skills, opportunities and competition, we hope to match the level, laying the foundation for skills, improve product quality and innovation. Minister Cheng Fecorporate Trainingsi corporate training department, Chengdu Mechanical Engineering Pok will weld branch vice president Lei Yong welcomhao piece solid background, front, hat inches Zhao recent documents, JPG or JPEG format, the proportion of 100 × 200, the size of 20KB or less). (D) online payment. Fourth, select the registration mechanism category (a) directly under the provincial registration agenccorporate Trainingsies to select candidates who, in Xi’an exam. (Ii) candidates who select cities, prefecture-level cities in the selected exam. (C) Individual registration select other category, in Xi’an exam. Fifth, the online payment. Applicants must complete the online payment behe invigilator to carry one. (B) Review Mode 1, the marketing division one, two, a career guidance teacher and corporate trainer a scene thesis. 2, two counselors site extraction cases replydit, investment banking services and other resources to integrate, and the process is relatively Division Pok, specifications, especially for the financing necorporate Trainingseds of SMEs. Guangdong encourage college graduates start their own businesses maximum loanable 3000007 months, he went to the employment of college graduates in the annual season. To encourage the employment of college graduates and entrepreneurship, according to the Ministry of Finance, the Minis