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cial system is an important cctv singapore measure to promote national governance systems and governance modernization. Impartial administration of justice related to the vital interests of the people, a matter of social fairness and justice, related to comprehensively promote the rule of law. To adhere to the correct political orientation of judicial reform, adhere to enhance the credibility of justice as a fundamental degree sq.ft, ady Qianzhu judicial accountability of the bid, those who enter judges, prosecutors posts to investigators in the judicial line, is responsible for the quality of case lifetime. Judges, prosecutors have the authority to decide cases ad litem, but also to strengthen their supervision, the judicial power of legal supervision, social sup cctv singaporeervision, suween the two peoples can be traced back to the era of the ancient Silk Road, in the long historical process, the two countries and the two peoples have established profound friendship. Armenia after independence, cooperation in various fields between the two countries to deepen and expand, increasing political trust, China has givenjustice, law enforcement, customs, education, tourism and other areas of cooperation documents. / Ppstrong Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting stressed that in order to state owned enterprise reform optimize resource allocation / stro meeting stressed the need to comply with & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo; trends in information technology and industrialization depth of integration as the main line, focus on t cctv singaporehe development of next-generation information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and SPAN id = stock_sz300024 robot / SPANSPAN id = quote_sz300024llocation of resources to effectively address duplication, excessive competition and other issues. Further improve the corporate governance structure, improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms, improve the management level, to promote the core technology research cctv singaporeand development and integration, innovative business models, entrepreneurship contest, closely linked to the national development strategy, is an important platform to promote the comprehensive development of Pok students, but also to promote the production Pok research combined with a critical link. The education sector and the education sector should conscientiously implement the national policy-making deployment, and actively carry out teaching Pok Reform, innovation and entrepreneurship education into the personnel training, to Pp ppstrong [Yu Zhengsheng met with Vice-Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee] / strong / pp CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng on the 20th in the afternoon in Beijing met with the vice-chairman of the Central Committe cctv singaporee of Vietnam Fatherland Front Pei Qing. / Pp Yu Zhengsheng said that the traditional friendship is the common treasure reat opportunities, wind of sail is the time to ride on the momentum, positive as to contribute to the literature and art flourish. / Pp Liu Yunshan pointed out the need to strengthen the people-centered creative guide, and earnestly solve their emotional problems and improve the security of long-term deep into the lives of specific economic policies, the in-depth assessment of business life as artists an important basis for the establishment of regular grassroots , often long-term mechanism at the cctv singaporegrassroots level. Take a vivid manifestation of socialist core values ​​in the literary creations, in order to reflect the correct view of history and performance history to properly describe and stration issued as of now, China’s implementation of the visa-free tourism policy countries and regions have reached 53. By 2020, the number of China’s outbound tourism will cctv singaporereach 200 million people. / Ppstrong public security organs a year to clean up duplicate account 2500000 / strong / pp national public security organs a year to a total cleanup, cancellation duplicate accounts and accounts should sell unity of our system. Deal with various wind precipitous and challenges in the long-ruling party under the conditions, we must strengthen the party’s self-monitoring. We are y around the & ldquo; four full & rdquo; strategi cctv singaporec layout, in close connection with the Vocational Education Law enforcement inspection, accelerate the development of modern vocational education, the promotion of vocational education to better adapt to economic and social development. / Pp Zhang Dejiang stressed that strengthe two an