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e securities investment fund prospectuses cctv singapore (updated) Abstract [Important] The Fund December 10, 2012 by the China Securities Regulatory Commission license Zi [2012] No. 1650 approved the raise. The fund contract in March 28, 2013 came into effect. Thether factors. Wind precipitous investment, investors subscribe (or purchase) the Fund should carefully read the prospectus of the Fund. Other funds cctv singapore managed by fund managers do not constitute a business volume of the fund industry in product performand the fund contract of the parties, which hold the fund shares act itself constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of the fund contract, according to Zhao. ” Fund Law, “” operational approach “, the fund contract and other relevant provisions of the rights, obligations. Fund Investment fund share holders wishes to understand the rights and obligations should consult the fund contract details. Fund managers fulfill their duties according to Zhao, honesty, prudence and diligence principles of management and use of fund assets, share conversion paired conversion business process of handling the unique wind precipitous )Wait. Investors before m cctv singaporeaking investment decision, please read the prospectus and fund contract carefully. Offer contents contained in this manual deadline for September 27, 2015, the net performance of the relevant financial datB 200 million Yuan CCB Principal Asset Management Co., Ltd. by the China Securities Regulatory Commission to set up the fund word. 158 approved. Company’s ownership structure is as follows: Name of shareholder equity ratio of 65% China Construction Bank Corporation Principal Financial Services 25% China Huadian Group Capital Holdings Limited 10% improvement of the corporate governance structure of the  general manager of personal banking department, business department person in charge, General Manager of Consumer Banking, Personal Banking Committee, deputy director of banking, general manager of personal fin cctv singaporeance. Mr. Xu is a senior economist and a special allowance of the State Council, China Construction Bank was awarded Outstanding Contribution Award, Henan Labor Medal and other awards. 1983 Liaoning Finance and Economics Finance and Credit Infrastructure Pok hospital pliers Pok hospital EMBA. He served as Deputy Director of the Securities Department Financing Department of China Construction Bank, China Construction Bank financing unit, the Director of the retail securities business department of China Construction Bank Deputy General Manager of Consumer Banking. Mr. Cao Wei, Director, Deputy cctv singapore General Manager of China Ministry of Construction of individual deposits and investment banks. 1990 by the Chinese Department cctv singaporeof Beijing Normal Big Pok Pok directors. According to the provisions of the Articles of cctv singaporeAssociation, the Board’s decision on major issues concerning the exercise of the right to the “Company Law” provisions, monitoring and incentives for the development of the cctv singaporecompany the right to the basic system and for the president and other management personnel. The company board of supervisors by six supervisors, including three employee representative spitous, Chief administrative staff, direc cctv singaporetors of Prudential Bank cctv singaporePension Trust Management Co., Ltd. Prudential insurance precipitous chief administrative staff, senior vice president of Asia Pacific Paul precipitous American International Group, American International Assurance Paul precipitous (Canada) Inc. Pcctv singaporereside cctv singaporent and Chief Administrative staff and other. 1989 by the Pacific Southern University MBA curb bit. Mr. Fu Jun, an indet hold precious metals. 8, the reporting period accounted for at fair value ratio of the size of the net assets of the Fund ranked in the top five investment warrants detailed The Fund does not hold warrants t cctv singaporehis reporting period. 9, the stock index futures end of reporting period the Fun cctv singapored invested in stock index futures positions and detailed cctv singaporedesent Policy The Fund invests in the stock index futures funds invest in stock index futures based on the principles of wind precipitous management, for hedging purposes, the main choice of mobility Well, trading activity, and the underlying index high correlation index futures contracts. The Fund strive to leverage the use of stock index futucompany that