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Author’s Resource BoxFor more useful tips & hints, please browse for more information at our website:-  11 Things About Google Chrome Os   Author : Arber Technologies Submitted : 2009-11-25 22:13:00    Word Count : 480    Popularity:   86 Tags:   goole chrome , chrome os, google os   Author RSS Feed Google launched much awaited operating system chrome os but it is a open source code. Anyone can test and customize it. When Google launch complete version then it will be available on new netbooks with hardware. Chrome os is a new approach to os world or you can say Chrome is an operating system that contains web browser or web browser work as a os.  Not Available yet:- on Wednesday Google launches chrome os but its open source development project. It means hardware manufactures and developers can download compile and install code  All Applications are web Application:- All application you use is web application means there are no desktop application but third party application also work if they provide web application. Your current applications CDs are useless with chrome os.  Chrome Browser is part of Chrome os:- Google browser chrome is a part of operating system. Easy Access to Application: data center securityyou can add shortcut to website on toolbar. Google tries to launch application as fast as possible. You can add tab and your application a click away.  panel are persistent:- Google chrome allow user to play music in bg data center security (background mode), play video and interact with storage media. Google Chrome os will be Up-to Date: windows recommended user to turn on their updates but not every user does it. Google chrome automatically updated to new version.  Repair Itself:- As we all know main aspect of Google chrome are speed ,security and simplicity. To achieve security Google use some new technologies like if it detect malware , infection or just a bit, chrome will get an updated version.  data center securityData is Always Secure:- you don’t need to worry about your data. Your data is always stored on cloud.  No Hard-disk:- there is any need of hard drive Google works on OEMS to create reference design. Application launching time will be 3 second and boot-up time will be 7 second.  Not ordinary pc:- Google have concern about small affordable laptops , netbooks and focus on 802.11n connectivity.  data center securityChrome os will work offline:- Google tries to explorer offline capabilities and supporting some kind of offline storage. Games and media files can be run on offline mode that’s Google Promise.  The world’s number one search provider has opened its operating system project up to the world. Here’s what it’s all about. Before today, Google’s Chrome Operating System was an exciting idea that offered far more questions than answers. That changed today. We now know much more about what the company is working on and have even seen it in action For those who weren’t able to make it out to… Author’s Resource BoxArber Technologies is an IT company in India and USA. Arber Technologies offers different kind of services like software development, website design development, offshore software development, Bulk SMS hosting, Domain Registration and Web hosting, SEO Services, Email Marketing, Multimedia and Designing services.for