Bathtub Singapore

The water by releasing nervous tension, provide an effective way to relieve muscle tissue, while accelerating the body’s blood circulation. During this time you need to make the greatest degree ofBathtub Singapore relaxation, try to feel the water delivered to e the skin surface ofthe vitality and heat. C elimination of subcutaneous fat (1) drink a glass of room temperature water to help clean the body circulatory system. Independent Jacuzzi Independent Jacuzzi (2) in the tub to fill 37 ℃ of water, you can add some water-soluble bath oil, to strengthen hydro-massage effect. (3) App1.1 divided by function: general bath and Jacuzzi. athtubs, terrazzo bathtub, wooden bathtub, ceramic bathtub. Now commonly used enamel cast iron bathtub, steel enamel bathtubs and fiberglass bathtub. Specifications 2.1 Size (mm) Category Length Width Height Ordinary Bathtub 1200,1300,1400,1500,1600,1700 700 to 900 3ally DN32 or DN50. 2.3 drain diameter 60mm. Type comparison(See Table 3-1) Table 3-1 Comparison of different materials bathtub Project Enamel cast iron bathtub Steel enamel bathtub Acrylic bathtubs Advantages Rugged Good resistance to load Health Economy Light weight (no skirt cylinder: abBathtub Singapore out 25kg) (There skirt cylindeb than ordinary large, and the price is higher. But can bring enjoyment and comfort. 8) bathtub length and architectural design of the space should be matched. Should also be adapted to the user’s height, the general should ≥1300mm. Related Products 6.1 ceramic bath due to bulky, Bathtub Singapore expensive materials, fragile, has become eliminated, being replaced by acral surface is poly methyl ester, the back is made of resin with glass fiber reinforced gypsum carrying capacity. The thickness is usually 3 ~ 10mm. The advantages: easy molding, thermal insulation performance is slow, the water temperature can be maintained for a long time, no contact with the surface cold feeling, feel warm, and easy to scrub cleaning, light weight, easy installation, rich colors change. Because of these characteristics, acrylic bathtubskirts direction according drain, wall location, buy the wrong can nots service. Some people with relatively athtub Singapore good living cocome to rest in a comfortable posture. 4 Fitness Treatment (A) with the C (1), the water temperature to, 34 ℃ appropriate. (2) Start a hydro-massage system, run 8-10 minutes, during which time, the skin surface of the water can relieve nervous tension. (3) water at 20 ℃ showering in the following manner: a, from the left to the buttocks; b, from the foot to the hip; c, from the left hand to the shoulder; d, from the right hand to the shoulder (both carried upward from the bottom); e, will be placed on the abdomen showers ; f, wilBathtub Singapore l shower on the lower back. Note: ainshowers time not more than two minutes. [1] 2 cast iron Editing Advantages — smooth, warm color, anti-fouling, easy to clean, long lifeBathtub Singapore Cast iron bathtub Cast iron bathtub Disadvantages — the highest price, hardness and heat resistance less than acrylic cylinder, colors and shapes so restricted by the relativelywer head, then a little wider to choose a bathtub, showBathtub Singapore er bath position following section should be smooth and should be subject to non-slip handle. 7 Material Analysis Editing Acrylic category Acrylic bathtub artificial organic materials, is characterized by a rich styling, light weight, good surface finish, and low prices, but because of man-made The organic material is present on using imported high brightness, high hardness dedicated sanitary acrylde of cast iron, enamel coated surface, so the weight is very large anBathtub Singapore d difficult to produce noise when used; due to the casting process is more complex, so the cast iron bathtub is generally relatively simpl