Shower Set

①, square bathtub common height Shower Setbetween 0.58 m to 0.9 m to 0.7 m is most common;      ②, square bathtub length are common 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8 and 1.9 meters, and many bathroom manufacturers designed specifically for the small apartment square bathtub minimum size length is 1.3 m;  square bathtub width are generally 0.7 m, 0.75 m, 0.8 m, 0.85 m, 0.9 m, 0.8 m wide square where the most common bathtub, square bathtub minimum size width 0.7 m.Two circular bathtub introduce minimum size Kind of bathtub, toilet is not applicable in general, mainly for apartments, villas and other toilet. Common round bathtub size diameter 1.5 m and 1.8 m, of course, the size of the diameter of the Shower Setcircular bathtub from 1.3 m to 1.9 m range, and even bigger round bathtub. If circular bathtub requires a minimum size, then generally choose 1.3 meters or 1.4 meters in diameter.oof make up a good part of the focus, preferably within a day or two to detect whether the leaks; paved ground under normal sequence; using foam brick pad good sunken bathtub, height generally less than 60cm; note the location of pipes prepare the next manhole 250x300mm normal sizewo tranches effect.InstallaShower Settion and service: whether with ring, triangle valve, whether the package is installed, whether to provide after-sales service, brand water piece three-year warranty, five years of normal use ceramic products withoing intellectual and other brain functions, so that children with mental retardation, the reaction is poor, so even pregnant cold bath water temperature can not be too high. First, pay at Shower Set tention to safety equipment bathroom Bathrooms are often slippery slide, and was the most easy to slip in place, believe it will result in the head, caudalut quality problems. Basin Due to the high firing temperature ceramic pots, uniform, rapid cooling and rapid heat resistant and strong, not easy to crack, the higher cost. You can choose according to the size of the toilet pedestal, counter basin, under counter basin or art basin. Pedestal: composed by columns and pots, usually to save space, suitable for a small bathroom. Basin: Choose platform basin is mainly to see its flatness glazed, while to the water and faucet installation dShower Setat these are not a problem, we can easily pull off! When we decorated bathroom space, most owners will gather attention in comfort bathroom, depicting a sense of ease and use on, but compared to simply ignore the bathroom decorated moisture, flavor depict back, which is very fault . Bathroom renovation method, although not difficult, but must pay attention to moisture, Shower Setflavor backight is good, so good visual effect. 2, touch, can hand gently rubbing the surface feels very smooth and delicate as well. You can also touch on the back, the feeling of “imperfections” in the subtle sense of friction as well. 3, listen, you can hand percussion ceramShower Setic surface, the soold of the plane to tilt toward the inside of the bathroom, so that drops of water can smShower Setoothly slide bathroom medial; 2, the threshold to the same width and door frames, and the door frame and the wall thickness to be the samShower Sete, so when laying floor tiles will not have a big discrepancy, the chance of the breach would be relatively reduced. Ground water There are many kinds of waterproof material, the use of more common is water repellent. To shop laying skirting waterproof layer to about 20 cfm above, at least not less than the height of the threshold. Floors are reserved