The Taiwan military re-exploded the scandal Taiwan Taipei hotel

The Taiwan military re-exploded the scandal Taiwan Taipei hotel, and the navy officers and men went to the KTV with women to accompany them Taiwan Taipei hotel. The sergeant took the lead in stripping clothes and singing and dancing. The public opinion on the island asks, even if you buy advanced weapons, can a military-stricken force still fight on the battlefield? But still go to a KTV consumer who has a female escort Taiwan Taipei hotel. What is even more ridiculous is that they dismissed their behavior after drinking, and the officers and men assisted the drunken officers and men to take off their clothes and sing and dance. When the officers and men who were forced to walk together were crazy, they secretly recorded the video self-protection and reported it upwards Taiwan Taipei hotel. The Taiwan military’s military incidents have been in the basket for nearly two years, and the colonel’s sexual assault on female officers’ scandals occurred. “Even if you buy advanced cutting-edge weapons Taiwan Taipei hotel, can a military-deficient unit be able to defend the country on the battlefield? The Taiwan military has always been criticized. Since May this year, the naval fleet has had many peach incidents. 5 At the beginning of the month Taiwan Taipei hotel, the captain of the Tang dynasty colonel of the successful 146 fleet involved the unfair relationship between men and women outside the camp. After the officers and men broke the news, the men and women officers and soldiers were passionately forgotten on the ship, and the sex video was out. The Taiwanese e-newsletter bluntly, the screws managed by the Taiwan military. Already lost, Cai English only strives for the 2020 “election” tickets, and the judicial reform has become a “private reform” for individuals and political parties. Don’t talk about the military discipline. In addition, there are some Wenchuang products from Taiwan, including For the Datun Town of Ningbo Water Conservation Area, the “Dayu Drinks” series of wines, the seals invented by mainland attractions such as Xue Dou Temple and other creative products, etc. Local history, culture and local customs, combined with Taiwan’s cultural and creative concept, design products with local characteristics. “So that it can take root, be accepted mainland consumers. In 2018, the annual output value will exceed 10 million yuan. The base receives nearly 50 internships each year and drives more than 50 jobs. I believe that in terms of thinking and cultural innovation, the cross-strait youth will collide with more sparks. There are also band-aid products such as band-aids, mugs and stickers. Help the fellow generals move. When tidying up a pile of old books, the generals screamed on the ground and burst into tears. When he was admitted to a university in Xi’an, his father took out a pack of money from the bank, one by one, and counted again and again. What the general did not expect was that in 2003, there were more than 4,000 yuan of fathers in the monthly income, even living in the attic of a private house, only six or seven square meters. In addition to an iron bed, there is a wooden shelf with a washbasin.